Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meeting Jude's teacher and get OUT of my way!

I thought I would start this blog off with something happy! I loved the way Jude was interacting with Mike.

So we went to Jude's meet the teacher night at his upcoming school. When I got home Mike was laying on the floor with Jude.
Me: You guys ready to go
Mike (in Jude voice) F you momma I am not going to any school!!! Daddy said he can teach me everything right here (as you can see Mike is rather resistant)
Me: You are going to school
Mike (Jude voice) No I ain't momma!
Me: You are now going for using the word ain't
Mike (Jude voice) NO I AM NOT
Me: Get ready we are leaving
Mike: (Jude voice) insert naughty word
Me: That's not nice!

Jude laughed through the whole conversation. Once we got Jude loaded and Em loaded we ventured down the road to his school. The handicap parking was full......of course. So Mike dropped us off at the front and went to find a parking space. We manuevered through the foot traffic with children constantly bumping into Jude's wheelchair. I made a rather derogatory statement about the failure to eat right on the mothers part thus pushing the kids into us...shame on me. So we kept walking and I had not one but three mothers not paying attention yelling "HEY GUUUUUUUURL" throwing up their arms and plowing into Jude. I tried to quickly move his chair, but they would bump right into us. On the third plowing incident I finally stood still and angrily said "STOP! If I have ONE more person bump into this wheelchair for failure to pay attention someone is getting thrown down". The husband of the third wife grabbed her by the arm, looked at her sternly, and then opened the door to the school for me. I am not happy with my behavior, but I had reached my breaking point.  Once we got back to Jude's classroom the teacher was amazing. She didn't expect us and was so excited to see Jude. She stroked his hair and talked sweetly to him for a long time and he responded with smiles. The teacher thanked us for entrusting her with Jude and that's when daddy Mike lost it and cried. Awwwww! Here is Emily and Jude right after meeting the teacher.

So Jude will go to school on 9/6 and Emily started today. She was so excited she woke up at 6:10am. She could not go back to sleep so she said she laid in bed and watched two episodes of Good Luck Charlie.
Here is Emily leaving with her best friends today. They are all getting so tall.

Tomorrow I am attending the funeral of the party I mentioned yesterday. Not sure I am prepared to go, but non the less I will be there. I will write tomorrow about what happened. On a closing note, be happy in your life. We never know just how bad things can be. So make a goal to be grateful for someone or something specific today and acknowledge that gratefulness outloud.


sarah said...

when Jude (via Mike) gets lippy again, inform him that you are going to start beating some tushy--and you are gonna start with the BIG one. That always gets chuckles at my house :)

Some people can be so inconsiderate! makes you want to attach razor wire along the side of the chair, doesn't it? They'd bump into you ONCE, and then give you space :)

Judi Music said...

Awwww..... his little laugh made my day!! :)