Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A thank you and a lesson to us all whether it be pageants, softball, football...etc

Today a mother that attended Regal Princess with her daughter sent me a thank you note. It was such a blessing to receive such a warm greeting from someone with such a positive spirit. Her daughter took a face title and received a special crown. In her letter she sent me a thank you and then some wonderful advice. I would like to share you a synopsis.

"I just wanted to say thank you for having us at your pageant.  My daughter had a wonderful time. She made a few new friends and enjoyed everything. She was pleasantly surprised at her win and is so proud, and so am I. The crown was absolutely beautiful.

 I have also attached a photo of my oldest son with his Senior Prom (his sister was his date, she's awesome) he just turned 21 last week. The other photo is him in his Halloween costume from last year that I made him.  What a blessing he is to me and everyone who meets him. I found the Article by Erma Bombeck that someone gave me when my son was 6 and it changed how I feel for every day. I know where you are right now in your life and I know where you will be going.  Embrace each day no matter what.  There will be frustration, and its okay to not be a perfect mom, don't try to be because it will tear you down.  As long as you are doing the best you can that's all that matters.  Don't worry,  there will also be alot of days filled with joy. I promise!!"

When I opened the photo it showed her adorable 21 year old son crippled by Cerebral Palsy in his wheelchair next to his 12 year old sister. The picture melted my heart and I burst into tears. I cried because he had far outlived Jude's 5 year life expectancy and his mom had loved every moment of his life. I cried because her precious daughter hopefully learned that physical beauty is just physical but inner beauty lasts a lifetime. In fact I am sure she has learned that lesson.

Rather it be school, football, softball, skating, cheer, or pageants every person is brought into your life for a reason. You are led down a path because God has a purpose. Maybe mine was to meet this amazing mom. I am thankful for her bravery to reach out to me. You made a difference in my life today. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

wow what a beautiful gesture this proves what I've all along the smallest things can make the biggest difference :)