Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lexie Luther in the kingdom of spiders

This is Lexie Luther who as you can see built a metropolis of a web in our garage.

Yes that's a black widow.......they follow ME! Mike discovered her on Tuesday night so when I got home yesterday this was our conversation.

Me: Did you kill the spider?
Mike: Well no... I had Jude...what if I went out there and she killed me or something? Jude would have to pull himself to safety
Me: Oh good grief! Well you need to go kill her because if she has a nest that's no bueno
Mike: Well he is pretty big
Me: It's a she
Mike: I think it's a he because he is big
Me: It's a she. Only girls have the red hourglass
Mike: How do you know?
Me: I know. The males are also smaller and she probably ate her mate
Mike: That's not nice
Me: Nope! I grew up around a farm and I got bit by one of those suckers remember?
Mike: Ok so you want me to kill her now? like right now?
Me: Yes like right now
He picks up a can of posion
Me: I would smash her.
Mike: but what if she gets me?
Me: She won't. I mean they aren't aggresive unless you try to get her food or hit her or something....well I mean I guess you are trying to kill her. That stuff doesn't work well on spiders.
Mike: Well it has a spider on the front and it looks like a black widow
Me: sigh
Mike: sprays poison
Me: what's wrong
Mike: she isn't there she ran away. She is going to COME FOR ME IN THE NIGHT
Me: Oh gees I am going inside.

So who knows if Lexie Luther is still alive, but superman did NOT smash her.

Jude says he is a big boy and he would have killed her!

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