Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Great moods are a good thing!

I feel great today! Physically and mentally. I woke up a lot with Jude last night, but it didn't seem to phase my happy mood today. He was also very smiley this morning when I left and is back to wiggling his legs when I talk to him. I think that is just so cute. I am so much better mentally with his situation and ours. Jude is doing the very best he can and he is such a little trooper so I have decided to do the very best I can. Part of this is because our family unit is in a true dance. We moved together in sych as we care for Jude and make sure he is tended to properly. I am also so proud of the Regal Princess accomplishment. I have a great regular job, but I am proud that I started this entire business on the side. It was a huge success thanks to my friends, family, and the hard work we all put in. My sister (the youth pastor) called last night and said

My sis: That was different than what I thought.
Me: Well is that good or bad?
Sis: Good! I just expected....mmmm...
Me: (giggling) yes?
Sis: Well like crazy moms and what you see on TV. I didn't think they would actually be toned down or natural like you said and it was well..........really really fun. I see why they do it.
Me: So glad!

We also met the mother of a contestant this weekend who approached me about Jude. While at the pageant she had researched our information on Emily's charity. She wanted to let me know that her son is in the exact same situation........and is 21!! She said they told her he wouldn't live past 5. She said he is like a 5 month old, but is such a blessing. We talked about the positive of the keto diet, new marketed seizure medications, g buttons, and all kinds of special needs talk. She was such a dear and I loved chatting with her.

So Jude and Emily are both about to start back to school. How strange does that sound that Jude will be going to school? His nurse is going with him and he will only attend the days he is not in therapy. Mike is taking off a morning next week to get Jude registered. I then am taking Em after work to pick up her schedule for middle school. I also have to take Em school clothes shopping. So this weekend was my big 20th year high school Reunion. GOOD LORD AND A QUARTER I AM OLD. Anyway, I was truly not that enthused about it all. The people I want to see from high school are always available to be seen. Also, it's virtually impossible to get someone to stay long enough at night for us to go out without being worried. So Mike and I made a deal. He is staying home next weekend while Emmy and I jet off to Kentucky for her to compete and myself to market. Mike and I both thought it was important to jump back into marketing to double our numbers next year. In return Mikey has a pass at the end of the month to spend a weekend wrapped in Fantasy Football. He also mentioned getting an entire weekend to himself playing games next weekend......uh huh an ulterior

So I am well rested after this past weekend. I have an entire weekend to myself this weekend and we are all finally in a very very good place. :). We are smiling like Jude today!

One thing that made me smile is my newly crowned Emily's Smile Boxes scholarship winner passing out 50 Smile Boxes to Cook's Children's hospital. She cheered up lots of patients yesterday. Way to go Maddie. I could tell by her Rosy cheeks that she was working up a sweat in the back of that SUV unloading boxes. Isn't she so cute with her little pink tiara?

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