Monday, July 19, 2010

A wedding, and a girls night

It was a very busy weekend this past weekend. Friday night we went to my friends wedding that was as Shrek says "Far far away". We had a great time, and Mike took all the photo's at the function. He normally refuses to shoot weddings because they are so time consuming, but he shot hers for her. I got to see my friend Sarah I used to work with, and I realized that I miss her very much! We spent a good part of the night just sitting, and catching up with each other. I think I was a bit depressed after she left. I love Jenn in my office and she fits in perfect, but I will still sad to lose my daily buddy of ten years. Jude had stayed with my aunt because I assist Mike with his photo shoots. That was a great thing because it was an outdoor function, and it was very hot! Jude seemed to have a great time with his Aunt Docia.

Saturday I had a "July Scentsy Scents" party. Scentsy brought back 20 scents that used to be their most popular for the month of July ONLY. So I had a bunch of girlfriends that came over to smell them, and place orders. We then spent a few hours sipping wine, and laughing a lot. It was some MUCH needed girl time. I know I have been in an on again off again funk, but I am pulling myself out of it. I got some new clothes, got my hair done, and I am making an effort to get back into the world. This weekend Emily has a pageant in Dallas that she has so been looking forward to. She has practiced every night, and even helped me sell Scentsy to raise funds for this. It will be great for us because it's a weekend away. I think I am going to turn off my phone, and just relax with Em, and the family. She got a very pretty bright blue dress, and we are just flipping her hair out in pretty curls. Today she is at the Kids Swing golf tournament in McKinney raising funds for Scottish Rite. They are doing a news story on this event tonight at 9pm on Channel 33.

Jude has done very well this weekend. He was running a low grade fever on Saturday, but I believe that is from his teeth. The poor kid is now cutting 3 teeth at the same time. Jude did very well this weekend looking at people directly in their eyes, and lifting his head up. I was also very impressed with him this morning. I walked over to his baby bed, and without saying a word he looked up at me and smiled really big. He knew I was there, which means he has vision has to be improving. Jude had many seizures this weekend, and bless his heart he gets so scared during them. I am attributing those to his teeth as well. I believe that Jude's progress can sing the praises of our nurse. It seems like when she is around him on a steady basis he begins improving.

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Jennifer said...

Awww, I love you too girl, and I miss Sarah too and didn't even spend a whole year working with her. I can't imagine how hard 10 years would be. Besides, stories of her still crack me up, especially the ones you were telling me today.