Monday, July 5, 2010

Hooray for a mini vacay

I haven't really done anything on my mini vacation, and it's been wonderful. My make up pretty much sat in it's bag in the same place I left it on Friday. I wore old clothes, and I rarely fixed my hair........ahhhhhhhhh, it was nice! Mike, and I watched lots of movies, and I spent lots of time with Jude. Em was with her dad at the weekend, so I didn't have my precious darling saying "MOMMMMMM I am bored!". I love her dearly, and I miss her, but she called to tell me she was having a great time knee boarding on the lake. I am sure she is having a blast.

Mike has spent the better part of the weekend working. He had lots of photo's to edit from recent shoots, so I was with Jude all day. I loved it! In fact Jude got up at 2:30am this morning, and rather than being exasperated I could finally wrap my rested mind around the situation. I brought Jude into bed with us, and I hoped he would fall back to sleep. Finally about 3:30 I realized.......Jude was just up! I took him into the living room, and we laughed together for awhile. He kept saying "Ha ma", which I thought was rather fitting. I ended up fixing Jude a 6 ounces bottle with a bit of melatonin to see if he would eat. Since he ate well all day I wasn't sure if he would eat again, but to my surprise he sucked the entire six ounces down. I then sat and talked to Jude just to see him grin, and look at me. I love how he finally will focus on me. Granted it's only with his "good eye", but he still looks at me, and it means a lot. About five am I took Jude back to bed, and he fell fast asleep a little before 6. We all slept soundly until about ten am, but I will still a bit tired today.

We were suppose to have a shoot for a little girl we know tonight, but Mike was having a problem with his color converter. He talks photography shop to me a lot, but I just nod my head and agree, because he loses me. I understand posing, being creative, and coming up with photo ideas. However, I have no idea what the aperture, pro shop, and 50ml vs 100.5 lenses means. I admire how much he knows about light, exposure, and more. Who knew that photography required such an education. So due to the color issue we had to cancel the shoot, but Mike only wants to offer his clients his best product, and I admire that. He wanted to see some prints prior to proceeding. Therefore, I spent the better part of the day playing Martha Stewart :). I made homemade pickles with the cucumbers in my garden which took a few hours. I then made low fat creamed corn on the grill, corn fritters with tomato and basil on the grill, steak, and grilled veggies. I even took a picture via cell phone, and sent it to my aunt. She proclaimed I have been very industrious today. She also wanted to know if the nurse had been here, but I happily informed her, "Nope, Jude has just been amazing".

I enjoy being home with my makes me happy!!

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mom2nji said...

Sounds like a great day! I think melatonin stimulates the appetite somehow. Of course my son went from ADD meds to Melatonin, but he was horribly underweight and he has gained like 20lbs!