Saturday, July 3, 2010

A mini update

It's been a very nice day. I haven't made it out of my pajamas except to take a bath, and put them back on. Jude has been up since 6:15am despite my efforts to convince him it was my mini vacay, and that all mommy really wanted to do was sleep in. However, I didn't mind getting up with him, and to my surprise he has been a wonderful eater today. He has talked to me a lot, and snuggled up close.

He has had a few serious seizures, and lots of spasms, but he is just Jude and that's what happens. Mike mentioned today how he was touched by a little boy that was Jude's age who he shot pictures of. He told me how the boy was asking about the dogs outside, and walking around the house. I told him that doesn't get to me as much anymore, because Jude is so special for who he is. We have started thinking about Jude's second birthday, and what we will be doing in celebration. We don't ever expect gifts, but it's always inevitable that with Jude's condition people will ask what the best thing if to get him. I started looking online at weighted blankets, speech therapy toys, and more, but I always get overwhelmed at all the choices. I really wanted to get him a speech toy where he can press the buttons to answer questions. Although, when we mentioned this to his therapist she politely told us that Jude just doesn't have those fine motor skills yet. It's disappointing, but I have faith he will get there.

I am watching Sex In The City the movie for probably the fourteen millionth time. I loved the show, and even loved the movie more. I have girlfriends that are awesome, and when I watch this movie I always think of them. I think it's true that we have friends that fit ever character in this movie, and then some. I could go down the list but they know who they are. I will mention that my friend Ginger fits Charlotte to a T when she grabs Carrie, and tells Big "NO" after he breaks her heart. Ginger is such a sweet girl, but when you cross the line she is a tiger who defends her friends, and family. I am a lucky girl to have so many great friends, and family members which is evident by all the support we have received.

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