Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a good laugh

Since my blogs seem to be rather depressing at times I thought I would share a humiliating, but funny story. So today on lunch I went to the mall because my clothes are getting SO old and SO ratty. It seems I wear and wash the exact same things every single week. I have a tendency to buy for the kids, or go out before I buy myself clothes. I wanted to get some new black pants for the office, but I could not find any on sale so I opted for some other items. I shop the sale racks to save money, and luckily I had found a few good bargains.

A few hours into being back from lunch I wandered into the bathroom to take care of business. Well when I looked down I noticed some light shining through my pants, which caught me off guard. "SURELY not" I thought to myself, so I looked again. Low and behold my pants were split straight down the seam of my crotch up the back. Yes that means you could see my undies. "How long had they been that way??" I thought to myself as scenes from my office, customers, and the mall raced through my mind. I pictured people cracking up as they left my office. Then I paused............and thought "Well if my boss has seen my thong, that's it, I am just staying in this bathroom for the rest of the day." Luckily I had bought some capri's at lunch so I slithered to my office with my shirt pulled down as far as it could go, and snuck to back to the bathroom to put them on.

On my way back, I passed my bosses office who inquired about what I was doing. I meekly said "Pants fiasco", and I took off back to my little spot in the business world. I decided right then and there I need new clothes, and somehow I was getting them!

Ps ~ wipe your tears away from laughing, and have sympathy people...lol


sarah said...

I totally feel for you. Mom seems to be on the very bottom of the list for anything. You should see some of the PJ pants I wear around the house in the summer time--every single pair has huge holes in the crotch. The only time I buy more than undies for myself is when Hubby says "Really? You want to wear THAT out?" and orders me to go buy new clothes.

Jennifer said...

I see London, I see France, I see Jennifer's underpants!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness!! Yeah it's amazing how we as Mom's put our kids, and everyone else it seems, above ourselves. I'm sorry for your embarrassment and I promise I only giggled once...for a second... :)