Friday, July 2, 2010


Let me start this blog by saying I don't hate on all doctors, just some. We have an amazing neurologist, a fabulous GI specialist, and a great pediatric eye doctor. The one area I feel we are lacking in is Jude's pediatrician. He is a good doctor, but he is quick to say "nothing is wrong" when indeed it is. I guess I could say he is a good doctor, but not a good special needs doctor. I feel like when a special needs mother calls, or comes in, to tell you something is wrong, they not only mean it, they know! Best example I can give is when I came into the office saying I thought Jude had fluid in his lungs, and they sent me away saying nothing was wrong. Two days later Jude was admitted into Dallas Medical City with pneumonia n the left side. I am all for avoided antibiotics if you can, but not everything is "viral".

I also don't think he fully comprehends Jude's situation, and how much we put into his daily care. As mentioned before it seems the pediatrician is the one that signed off on Jude only having personal care services vs a nurse, when the neurologist completely disagreed. Therefore, I decided to start searching for another pediatrician that would give us full attention. I put a call into Emily's old doctor who is in Bedford. I left a message on Monday, and when I didn't hear back I called again Tuesday. When I didn't hear back, I called again Wednesday. I was then informed that the office manager had to talk to me before I could talk to the pediatrician. The first thought into my head was, "when did this doctor get so big for his britches that his phone calls had to be screened in detail?". I should have gone with my initial impression. So the office manager asked me what my concern was. I explained that I was looking for a doctor that would give Jude his full attention when Jude needed it, and would listen to us. That if I ever called frantic on a weekend, to know I am not a nervous mother, but a well educated mother. She then asked who our current pediatrician was. After talking with her, I again waited, and waited for a return call. I put a phone call back into her today, and she told me she had called my office, and was informed I was out......such a lie! There are two of us in the office, and are both meticulous about passing out messages. She then proceeded to tell me he just wanted us to come in, but wanted me to know he wouldn't do anything medically unethical. Excuse my french, but what the hell is this man talking about? When did I ever mention anything being done that was unethical? Only thing I could reason is that he called our current pediatrician who informed him of the nursing incident. I was at a loss.

I was however not at a loss enough to tell her exactly what I thought. I told her that it was very disappointing to me because I had so much confidence in said doctor, and I now felt very let down. That even after moving I continued to send him referrals, but that would now stop. That I was amazed that he couldn't take ten minutes out of his day to call me to see if Jude would even be a case he wanted to take on. That to rest assured I saved myself a co-pay because this was obviously NOT a good fit. If it took 5 days to get an answer like that, I cannot imagine what would happen if Jude was truly ill.

Insensitive doctors drive me insane. I know they are busy, but your clients should be a priority. I have now located a pediatrician that was recommended by another special needs mom, and she is by our house. Mike wants to stay with our current doctor so that's a consideration too. Maybe we can just voice our concerns to him. Mike said you don't give the mailman a an envelope to deliver without an address, and I guess he in right. In other words don't put the big decisions like medications, and nurse arrangements in the hands of the pediatrician.


sarah said...

I can see both sides of this, sort of. I must say, I only have had 2 psychologist/psychiatrists that I got a good vibe with with my autistic son. I am at a loss right now because I think his current psychiatrist is not giving his case the attention it deserves. There have been several instances where she has twisted MY words, or tried to say a miscommunication is MY fault.

I guess the best thing you can do is go with your gut. If the doctor tells you something, and your gut tells you that he is wrong ( like with the fluid Jude's lungs), you kinda have to get another opinion until you *know* you have the right dx.

There is nothing wrong with meeting this new doctor and seeing if you get a good vibe from him. I am guessing that you have a good deal of Jude's medical chart at home, so take what you have, and see what he thinks...

Cjengo said...

Honestly, my real issue was just about the pediatrician we were talking about seeing not returning calls. Their lack of customers service was appalling.

Candace said...

uggg! Jen, I would have probably made a BIG stink! I have been in those shoes many times, more times than not! It's a cryin' shame, it is!

jocalyn said...

If you love your neurologist (or his nurse) go through them for everything! Jude's primary diagnosis is brain related, so they should be the ones signing off on everything and getting you a "fast pass" through the ER. Our pediatrician is great for runny noses, ear aches, allergy medicine, immunizations, and following my directions :) but that's about it!

Good luck on your search! I've heard good things about developmental pediatricians in the Ft. Worth area, but since I feel like I already kinda know what to do to find therapy and equipment, they don't seem like they'd be of much use!