Thursday, July 8, 2010


The GI specialist said Jude has gained 1.5 pounds. That is AWESOME considering that he was throwing up so much. He said the main goal is to get more calories in Jude, as he will be growing a lot more. We have to keep up with the amount of calories he needs compared to his size. Also we have to consider that he needs more calories because the seizures are equivalent to a heavy work out at the gym. The doctor also gave us a prescription for Boost, and we are to add 1 Boost a day.

In addition he also agreed to take the Medicaid with a small co pay. We are just thrilled.

Short update, it's been a busy busy day. Thanks for your continued prayers for Jude.


Amy B said...

That is wonderful news. I wish all DR would be so helpful.

Pam said...

It works out in the end doesn't it! Prayers for you all always!

sarah said...

That is awesome news that he managed to gain weight.

Years ago I had a friend with muscular dystrophy who was prescribed special high calorie drinks to help boost his weight ( he was 26 years old and weighed 50 lbs). Hopefully the Boost will help Jude. Just in case you need to explore other options, here is a site that names several brands of other high calorie drinks I know Jude doesn't have cancer, but some of his nutritional needs might be similar.

Sherry C said...

wight gain woo hoo! Lovely 1.5 pounds is amazing too me.