Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An epiphany

Well thank you to everyone who commented on my most embarrassing situation below. I now know how many of you read my blog on a daily basis but fail to comment........I appreciate facebook for shedding light to this situation, lol. I find humor in everything, and I have no problem sharing my most embarrassing moments. Life gives us plenty of chances to laugh, so why not take them? Goodness knows we also get plenty of chances to cry. It's better to find the positive, isn't it?

During my past year or so of blogging about the possibility and the reality of having a special needs child, I have heard and read the same sentence over and over. The sentence from other posters and bloggers normally consists of the words, "I hate the word normal". I have done a lot of thinking about this sentence, and I have come to this conclusion. We only hated the word "normal" once our child was deemed "abnormal". It's true, it hurts, it sucks, and it teaches us lessons. Before our children were bestowed upon them the label special needs, and a life long need of personal care, many of us failed to ever truly see those who were........abnormal. We hate the word normal because it pin points the one word society will never label our children. They may receive many amazing labels like "special", "inspiring", "improved", and others, but they will never receive the mark we want them to receive. It's a hard cold thing to admit, but I have learned that when you do admit that your child will never be society's version of "normal" you find amazing satisfaction. I have always been taught that if you don't do the best you can, then you will be a failure. So it's a question of what your interpretation of success is. Mine today is the fact my baby boy turned a complete circle on his blankie. He did his best, and that to me represents the coveted title of "normal"

It's amazing what YOUR new definition of normal can be once you break through the plexi glass society puts upon us.

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Our Journey said...

WOW!! beautifully written and oh so true!! YEp, you made me cry again!!! a good cry though. Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to hold Jude Sunday!!!!!!!!!!