Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Third place........

I am just now getting around to posting an update, so that should answer any questions on if I am busy today. Anyway, last night we finished up Emily's softball tournament. Jude slept through most of the game until everyone started screaming and yelling. He then got up, and decided to entertain our family that shower up to support Em.

Picture this, your kiddo is in the play off game for second place for the season. They are playing a team they have beaten once, and lost to once. The team is playing their lil heart out, but they are down by two. In the last inning of the game your team comes up to bat. Knowing that they have to score the girls do whatever they have to to get on base. One girl hits, and makes it to base, BOOM a second girl hits, and makes it to base, BOOOOOOM a third now on base. The bases are loaded, and a batter comes up, she hits too, but the ball is quickly snagged, and thrown to home forcing an out. The same scenario repeats itself again. Their last hope comes up to bat, and we are all holding our breath. She gets a strike, then another strike, and our heads begin to fall. Suddenly, she gets a foul, and then another foul, and we just know she can bring in our girls. I see Emily's face perk up because she knows there is a chance they might win. Then suddenly we hear STRIKE THREE. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Our girls all lowered their heads, and the little one that missed the ball couldn't hold back her tears. So our girls marched off the field knowing they got third place for the season, but they marched off to us clapping. They played wonderful, and I am very proud of them.

So now I am trying to decide if we want to keep Emily in recreational softball, or move to a select team. Select means more of a commitment both financially, and time wise. I have held off on even considering select due to our situation, due to the money, and due to the time. Plus, I wanted to make sure Emily was ready. She truly wants to continue playing softball, and expressed in interest last night on being more committed and involved in a year around team. We will see what happens. I did call her old coach from her 8u team that she adored. He is a select league coach who said if she wants to further her skills that's the route to go. Plus I know Jude loves the games too.

So Jude is eating better, but his sleeping schedule seems to be off some. Last night he didn't fall asleep until well after midnight, and he was up early to eat, and play. Yesterday Mike said he put Jude in his baby bed vs his bassinet. We have a barnyard play toy in the crib that makes noise. There are different animals you can hit, and they will in turn moo, oink, and peep. The toy will also sing some nice songs. Mike kept hearing the music go off over, and over, and then he would hear the animals make their sounds. He would go watch Jude, and he was indeed hitting the mat. We aren't sure if it was on purpose, but it seems like it was. My biggest issue is with Jude holding his head up. He just cannot seem to learn this milestone, and I am so hoping that he will someday.

Tonight we take our pictures for the newspaper article.....wish us luck. Maybe I can stand sideways to look thinner. ;)

Don't forget the chocolate give away


Write Moms said...

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Happy writing,

~Amy said...

CONGRATS to Emily! Sounds like she loves softball! Select is the way to go if she wants to continue at her age. It is time consuming though but she can do it! Glad to hear Jude is eating better and doing good! He will hold that head up soon!!


Rich said...

Good job Em... Win or loose as long as you did your best... I did our Senior Girls (16yo) Little League tournament last year, they where very unsportsman... They lost, and refused to come out of the dugout, and never shook hands.

I will never in my life understand why some parents go gonzo over a game... Reducing a child to tears when they do poorly... *sigh* - As long as you had FUN, that is what counts.

Jude, mom should make you a #1 Fan shirt... Get you a little hat! :-)

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

From a baseball mom to a softball mom.... go select!! Adam loved playing select and we will continue to play every year!!! =)

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Oh and we did have a shirt on Gracie when Adam first started to play that said Adam's little sister with his number on it. We do shirts every year, but this year. This league we are in down here in West Texas is terrible. We can't wait to get back up to the East side lol. Way to go Emily! I know you will rock it in Select!