Monday, June 1, 2009

A crazy weekend

This weekend was very busy! Friday night we took Em for a celebratory dinner for her hall of fame award. We let her pick the spot which was a small Italian Bistro by our house, and my sister even joined us. We enjoyed our meal, and we then went back to the house to have some cake. There my dad, and Kay met us and we all patted Em on the back. We also got some big laughs out of Jude's pterodactyl squeals. He decided he was going to put on a show for everyone. Saturday we had Emily's tournament game at 10:30. I had asked several people to join us that day because it was a HUGE game. I knew the more people we had cheering the more pumped Em and her friends would be. Luckily we had a big turn out, and Emily's team won 9-3. Tonight is another crucial game, so I am again asking for people to come support her. She is playing the #1 team, who just happens to be the "bad sportsmanship" team she played. They are very good, but with determination Emily's team can beat them. I believe The Storm will win because our team treats everyone in a good manner.

After the game we raced back home, and Emily got read to deliver her boxes to the hospital. Our friend Fleck decided to make the trek with us to Dallas, and I am glad she did. I enjoyed the company, and so did Emily. Once we arrived at the hospital the child life coordinator was in the lobby waiting on us, with her little red wagon.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
So em was thrilled she got her first set of boxes to the hospital, and that they were glad to accept them. We are now waiting on our second set of boxes to come in so she can put them together. We really need some more donations. If you know any companies, or others that might be interested please give them her site We appreciate your help.

So Sunday Morning Jude woke up with smiles, and giggles, which always puts me in a good mood! Emily soon joined us in the bed, and we were doing our best to make Jude laugh. I decided to put my sleep mask on him, and he thought that was pretty funny.
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Emily and I had fun making Jude laugh, over, and over.
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We then got ready, and had to do lots of errands Sunday although,I wasn't feeling all that great. My head was hurting, and for some reason my back by my kidney was hurting. I drink WAY to much water to have a kidney infection so I am a bit perplexed. It was worse this morning, but finally a bit better. My friend Fleck that went with us to the hospital said she is having the same symptoms, so maybe it's something viral?!. Regardless, I am again loading up on water, and it makes me wonder about the hydronephrosis I encountered during pregnancy.

Jude did well this weekend, and his eating seems to have increased a bit. He is still not taking baby food, but he will take rice in his bottle. We will be taking him into the doctor to have him weighed soon, so we will know if he has lost any weight. The therapist came Friday, and she was working with him on mid lining his hands. She noticed Jude is bringing his hands to his mouth a lot more, and that he seems to bat at objects a bit. She worked with his bright red Elmo on tracking objects. When put the the middle Jude will look at his Elmo, to the right he will look at his Elmo, but to the left nothing. To the left Jude doesn't look at anything. I have also noticed his pupil always seems larger on that side. The therapist thinks Jude may be blind in that eye, but we will find out for sure the older he gets. We knew his optic nerves were gray so we knew this may be an issue. Now if we can get vision therapy out there...........that's right folks STILL NO vision therapist. To top that off the people with MDCP called and said our case worker left, and they cannot find Jude's file!!!!!!!!!! She said the nursing home visit counted, but they cannot find any further information of any visits to our house. I was not a happy camper, and told the lady how I felt. She was very sympathetic, and said she is trying to find Jude's file. On top of that I got a letter from the IRS this weekend............well I just hate them too! That should sum up the letter.

Have a good week all.


Mara said...

wonderful about the smile boxes but dang on the MDCP and the IRS- maybe it is just things with initials ! lol Sending you some (hugs) : )

jocalyn said...

you won't believe this, but our MDCP case worker is gone now too...They must have cleaned house. Hopefully for the better! I talked with our new guy today and he was great. He told me the name and number of my Medicaid case worker. Did you know we had one of those? I sure didn't. ha! Anyway, I have more to share with you, so I will e-mail ya. Glad you guys had a good weekend.

Bird said...

Well, I'm with jocalyn--maybe the case worker change is for the better? Sorry about the IRS--they're sticking it to my in-laws too!

Jen@born2impress said...

Hi there, following from MBC:)
Come visit when you have a chance.