Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo's and tornado's

Here are some shots from the littlest hero shoot I told you about. I get the rest of the shots today. These are untouched so we have some flaws, and goodness I need a tan. Again, a big thank you to Tiarra from Littlest Faces Photography:

I love his little curl flying in the wind:
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The Family:
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Also, here is the new member of our family (totally kidding), but my daughter has dubbed him "snakey". He lives in the crevice by our gutters. Like I said yesterday he is non venomous so he is keeping the bugs away. By the way, "Snakey" is about 2 feet long........
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I am glad it's Friday, it has been a long week with claims, and storms. We are working diligently at my office to try to get everyone's claims questions answered. I drove down one of the worst hit streets last night on my way home. It honestly looked like the tornado took a direct path down their block, and then lifted back up. Their houses have huge holes in their roofs, their trees are split apart, power lines are down, and more. They are in my prayers, and I hope their lives are put back together quickly.

Jude has ECI today so I will post a report soon of how he does. Have a good weekend.


~Amy Rose said...

Jenn...I LOVE the pics!! PRECIOUS and BEAUTFUL!! I hope Jude has a good visit with ECI today...and I hope you all have a great weekend! It's FRIDAY...YAY!

Cass said...

How cute are you guys? Seriously, you must be so proud.

Good luck to Jude, I hope all goes well!

mom2nji said...

I love the pictures! You have a beautiful family. I adore the picture of you and Jude. He is so cute.

Nicole said...

I LOVE ya'lls new pics !!!! Don't you....? Pictures seem to have a way with making things feel better :) They are BEAUTIFUL :) Hugs !!!

Rich said...

As your resident photographer... I approve... Great work! Love the B&W, nice pose for Em, and the family shot is very nice too...

Laura Marchant said...

Some flaws? You are crazy! Those are beautiful shots. I love that first one.

Ok, I will give it to you the snake does look bigger now. Yesterday, not so big, lol.

Unknown said...

I love the family pictures. You have a beautiful family!
And no, you do not need a tan :)

Anonymous said...

Jenn, the photos are breathtaking!
What a wonderful family!!!

Amy Hendrix

Erika Edwards said...

Jenn i love the pics of the family and i love the one with You and Jude (your right the curl is adorable) your whole family is beautiful