Friday, June 5, 2009

Blubbering Jenn

This was Jude last night
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And this was Jude last night
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Oh and this was Jude......
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Do you see his eyes closed in any of these pictures? Nope? Well I never saw that site last night either, whew I am tired. He didn't sleep a lot yesterday so I am unsure why he is deciding to be Mr. Night owl lately, but last night was an ALL nighter. My little party animal just wanted to squeal and giggle all night, and cry if someone wasn't playing with him. He has started this new thing which Mike has dubbed "He looks like the next contestant on The Price Is Right". Jude gets really excited when you come over to pick him up, and starts wiggling his arms, and legs as fast as they will go, which is very adorable. Adorable unless it's 3am, but even then it's pretty cute. Jude did have many many spasms throughout the night so that could be a trigger to his sleepless behavior. Once I got to work tired, and dragging butt I received a phone picture from Mike of Jude spread Eagle asleep in my bed.......the little stinker.

So Mike and I stayed up last night watching the movie, "Seven Pounds" starring Will Smith. I don't think I have ever cried so hard at a movie in my life. Granted not everyone likes stories that make you cry, but this one was touching. It was touching, strange, and conflicting for me at the same time. Will Smith is my favorite actor, and althought he movie was different, I loved it. Due to an extreme loss caused by his actions he seeks redemption in an amazing manner. Although, the way he finds this redemption is selfish in itsself. It help others, relieve his pain, but hurt others as well. Another basis of the story is trying to find truly good people. I started questioning if I am a good person. I regret not treating my grandmother with more respect while I was growing up with her. I was then left to take care of her when my grandfather passed, and at 19 that is a daunting task. So the movie made me question a lot of things and I found myself very confused, but still very touched. Mike too was very touched, and he was teary telling me I couldn't die.

I told Mike, "Oh I am not dying, and even if I did I don't think your memory of me would be in some long flowing dress floating along the beach.. No it would be me in my grungy pajama pants, and big t shirt puttering around the house". He laughed, and told me that's what he loves about me, that and my blubbering at movies. Anyway, he then told me he just couldn't keep on going if something happened to me. I replied, "Well you better not attempt that killing yourself crap because I don't want to have to pull a "What Dreams May Come", and have to go to hell to bring you back to heaven.....that will just make me mad". He cracked up.........smiles! I love my family!


~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

So did you like seven pounds? my mother in law said she did not like it at all. I think I am going to rent it anyways. Love the pics!!

Cjengo said...

Loved it, but it is different.

Anonymous said...

With a face like that I see how 3am would still bring a smile upon picking him up. 7 pounds I thought was a great movie, I didn't get it till the end then I as so upset and cried like a baby.

Midwest Mommy said...

That last paragraph made me smile.

All nighter, that's rough. Hopefully you get some sleep this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Jude is one adorable child. I hope the weekend and Jude's sleep schedule is merciful to you, so you can get some rest!


Ellen said...

Hi. I love those pictures! I hope you get some sleep this weekend. Stay offline and stay in bed!!!

Cjengo said...

Thank you guys. I just got home from Emily's pool party, and I am dragging myself to bed. I will be asleep until Sunday....ha. Have a great weekend.