Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A little hope, a crazy dream, and a great picture

Last night when I got home I knew my little man Jude needed a bath. He isn't that crazy about baths anymore, and pretty much just whimpers through the whole thing (unless I am in the tub with him). So Emily decided she wanted to capture his cute bottom lip poking out on video. Don't worry guys he was not suffering, there are no tears coming out of his eyes at all, he is just playing pitiful. She also did a great job of just capturing his face, and um nothing else. The reason I am posting this video is because I believe he is saying "Mooooom" in one shot. I have heard him say this a couple of times when he was upset, but no one else ever heard it. Therefore, I just chalked it up to my wishful thinking. Last night as we were video taping you can hear Jude, and then you hear me repeat "Mom!" After we finished the bath, Emily watched the video five times repeating "He said Mom!! Write it down, he said mom!". So what do you think? It means the WORLD to me that Jude may be communicating with me. (You can turn the music off at the bottom of my page)

Mike also got this adorable shot of Jude yesterday. He is actually laying down, but it looks like he is standing up in this picture, and he looks older.
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I am anxiously waiting on our pictures from the "Littlest Hero Project", I cannot wait to see them. Also, my friend Roy who is an attorney graciously donated his time to set up a non profit corporation for Emily's Smile Boxes. Now all we have to do is figure out the IRS portion, and a tax ID. I am super excited, that he volunteered his time to do this for Emily. Today she has an interview with the person that keeps up her school districts website. They are going to feature her on their site to stimulate donations for her cause. Right now we have boxes, and a few fillers, but no more donations so we are on hold for a bit. I am sure when the districts article comes out, the Star Telegrams article comes out, and the non profit is in place she will get more monetary support.

So I had to tell you about a strange dream. This morning Jude decided he wanted to get up at 4:30 again, and eat. After that he didn't want to go back to sleep, and we struggled with him a bit. Finally I laid him on my tummy, and he immediately fell fast asleep, so I just slept like that. I curled my arms around him to make sure he was safe. When I feel back to sleep I had a dream that I was in the world trade center. Although, it was set up like a hotel in every capacity except the lobby. The lobby looked exactly how the trade center lobby did prior to 9/11. I remember thinking to myself that we had nothing to worry about because this was after the planes had hit, and the center had been rebuilt. So I carried Jude downstairs to the lobby to get some food, and left Emily, and my cousin in the room. (No worries Sarah it wasn't you....for some reason in was Candace??). Anyway, when I got down to the lobby I looked around, and recognized people from pictures in the magazines after the tragedy. People that had been injured, and people that had been covered in duts. Suddenly I realized that I had gone back in time, and this wasn't AFTER the tragedy, it was before. I panicked and looked at the clock and knew I had just a few moments to get Emily. Suddenly, there was a huge crash and what felt like an earthquake that rocked the building, it seemed SO real. I knew the plane had stuck the building. I knew I had to save Jude, but I had to get back up the stairs to get Emily too. Since she was on the 9th floor I knew I would be able to get to her, and it was only a question of how long it would take to get up the stairs. Suddenly I saw people beginning to flee, but some were going up the stairs, and up the elevators. They were listening to the guards tell them everything would be okay, and to go back to their offices. I was screaming at the top of my lungs "NO NO, don't listen, don't listen, You guys GET OUT THE FRONT DOORS, AND RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN BECAUSE THIS BUILDING WILL COLLAPSE!!". People began looking at me wondering how I knew the building would fall, and then I realized I still had to get Emily.........then my alarm went off! ARGH! Such, a strange dream, and it was so stressful. I am not sure what it meant. Random chaos?


Anonymous said...

AWWWW that video is sooo precious! I'll bet that feels so great hearing that! I'm so happy to hear it myself! Lots of love, have a good day!

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I will have to stop and watch the video later today!!! OMG What a crazy dream....remind me not to travel back in time with you....if we do.... can we go back to the medieval times?????? I want to be a princess lol

Jennifer said...

Pitiful, just pitiful!

Rich said...

Hmmm, my sonic ears says... could be mom... Very cute... As for Em, don't forget, you want Non-for-Profit status 501(c)(3)... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I check in on you and Jude whenever I can, and he almost makes my day. That lower lip so reminds me of my own little boy, except he is only upset when I take him out of the bath.
Love, nordic