Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am more calm

So I was a little upset last night, I apologize. The whole situation with the fake blog regarding the sick baby just really threw me for a loop. I have to admit that I did have an uneasy feeling when I read the blog the other day, and the lady mentioned her midwife. I believe in midwife's and birthing at home in safe circumstances, but I had a hard time swallowing a midwife would take on the liability of delivering a trisomy baby. I put a call into my cousin this morning, but she wasn't available. I am sure she would agree that a midwife would be leary about taking on the risk of being sued if something when terribly wrong with a medically challenged child. So I guess my point is I should have known. I got dooped! By the way, I am happy to report the above mentioned blog has been taken down.

My Internet friend Rich was so kind, and sent me a private email cheering me up. I think he could tell I was very upset and hurt last night. He sent me a story about a little boy with a note that not all Internet stories are untrue. Even though the story was sad it was so touching, and restored my faith in human kindness. http://www.snopes.com/glurge/fireman.asp.

So last night when I got home Jude was crying hysterically in Mike's moms arms. His eyes were swollen from crying, and he was trying to catch his breathe. I quickly scooped him up, and she explained that he was taking his medication. I knew instantly why he was crying, and I felt sorry for Mike's mom because she was so distraught. I got him to quiet down, and finish his medication. The Depakene burns his throat so I know it's uncomfortable for him. We do put the yucky syrup in his bottles some time, but you have to make sure he is really hungry for this to work. After he got over his feelings being hurt from us giving him medication, he was all smiles. He was all about mama last night, and that made me so happy!! Jude decided to get up for a play date again at 4:30am, but luckily he did go back to sleep after his dad gave him a bottle. Jude is very stuffy so we know he has a little cold. I think he snored louder than his daddy last night.


Midwest Mommy said...

I am glad you are better today. I have to tell you though I woke up this morning to see what else they had uncovered. Man, it is a tangled web she weaved!

Party Planning Professor-Elizabeth said...

Just stopping by. I dont have any suggestions :( but I do have a virtual hug.....LOL not as good I know.