Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jude did well last night, and made it until almost 7 before having his first seizure of the day. In addition to that the seizure was short lived, and he did not cry in between the convulsions. We are pleased with the progress, but still hoping for more. I am not sure if the reason he didn't cry is normal, or because the episode did not bother him that bad, or something else is going on inside. After his seizure Jude and I slept in together until about 9. He then had to take his morning medications, and get some food in his tummy. I am afraid Jude is still not going to the bathroom on his own so we had to give him a bottle with some fiber in it. Jude did well the rest of the afternoon until another seizure struck about 2pm, and he is now fast asleep in his bassinet. I tried to work with him on some tummy time this afternoon, but his medication wiped him out of being able to function during the exercise. It's still so frustrating, but it's become so much more our regular life. I really had to sit down on the bed last night because I realized I just think in a different manner regarding our family. In other words if we are going anywhere,like considering a vacation, to the grocery store, or just everyday life we "think" different. We automatically know which meds to pack in what containers, and what we need to have available to us. We also just know this is our little Jude, and we love him. We don't really look at him like he has a ........ condition anymore. Does that make sense?
So today our friend is giving my dark ratty hair some highlights, and I am thrilled. He always helps me out when my hair is in need, and Mike does some work for him. It's a great trade off, and it helps so much. Then my aunt is coming over so Mike and I can have a few hours out together at night for the first time in awhile! I am very VERY excited, but I know I will think about the kiddos too. Em is also going to be home, and I know she will enjoy her time with her family.

Have a great weekend, and be safe.

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