Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday ~ dr appt day

We had our follow up appointment with Dr moser today. My aunt with me and she was the biggest help with the baby. So far she said everything looks good, and they will check my platelet level tomorrow. She looked at the back of my leg where I have had some severe pain. I think I just had a really bad cramp in delivery, but she said she would watch it for a blood clot. I highly doubt that would be the case though. I feel much better today than I did yesterday, and that could be because I finally got some good sleep. I also stopped on my way home and picked up some cute sweats at Ny and Company. It makes me feel better to have non maternity clothes on. I have lost 20 lbs so far, but I still have a long way to go. I know that a lot of my weight is due to the steroids which cause water retention and weight gain...ugh! As long as my platelet count is up I can continue to taper down on the steroids. The baby is doing very well today and looks very cute in his little white pooh outfit. He is such a good baby, and is so very cute! I pray pray pray that he will get to live a normal life. I want him to be able to ride a tricycle, hug his bears, learn his ABC's, and read Brown Bear Brown Bear. So tomorrow we go to get the platelet levels, Friday we go to get Jude's PKU, and Friday my family leaves :(. Emily has truly enjoyed having my family here especially my aunt. My aunt normally stays with my cousin of course because that's my cousins mom. Since my mom passed when I was young she came to help me out with the baby. I feel pretty close to all of them and am lucky to have them around. My aunt took Em shopping for her bday yesterday, and I think she really thought that was a HUGE treat!!! That's something she normally only does with me so it was a different experience. Well Jude is in his swing and just got over a case of the hiccups. I am off to go pump some bottles for Jude..........just call me El Mama Vaca!

Peek a boo mommy
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I am all dressed up in Pooh!
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