Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am computer challenged

It seems the older I get the more I realize I am not as technologically savvy as I used to be. I learned today from Google that if I would add particular ads to my blog they would pay me.......... if people visited their sites from clicking on an ad from my site. As modern day corporate sell out as that sounds i figured it was an innocent way to make money to pay our mounting medical bills. Plus, who clicks on those anyway.... so what harm could it cause?? I figured Google is trustworthy. Well technically challenged Jenn somehow changed the email and password on her blog, and still didn't add the ad so oh well...that's what I get...lol! Jude and I went into my work again for a bit today to try and solve a claims crisis my boss had. We didn't solve the issue, but we did find where it originated from.......I probably should not elaborate. Anyway, I was sitting in my office like I normally do when working regular hours, and Sarah was in her office hollering at me about something funny like she always does. It made me smile and I enjoyed it very much. I was leaving and she told me she missed me being there so I think she enjoyed the time too. She also held Jude for awhile, and he even opened his eyes for awhile for her, and she was amazed at how much he moves his head around. In fact when Mike put Jude on his stomach tonight Jude held his head up high looking around.......yet another milestone he is hitting. I also believe that his fussiness lately is being caused by two different issues. First, I believe he is going through a growth spurt, and two I believe he has some acid reflux. Emily had reflux so bad she was on prescription medicines. Jude's seems to be rather mild, and something easily handled by the mylanta the doctor told me to give him. how do I know he has this?? He acts like he is about to hiccup and you can hear that there is something in his throat and then he screams like crazy.
So I have walked every night like I told everyone on my blog I would. I am rather proud I have not skipped a night, but so far it isn't doing much. It has to be healthy for us though, and Jude seems to truly enjoy walking around. So as everyone knows I adore this little boy, and he really doesn't like being put down which I foresee as being an issue when I go back to work (staring blankly blinking). I have mentioned before that when I put Jude down it takes him a few minutes to realize I am not there, and then he does this strange arms up shaking issue like he thinks he is falling and screams. I am not sure if that's a baby thing, a Jude thing, or an issue from his brain. He seems so desperate though that I have to pick him up and soothe him. Tonight when I picked him up my daughter said, "well mom that's why he is fussy... because you pick him up". I replied "Well Em I am not going to let one of my babies cry like that...... I didn't let you". She paused and then replied "Yeah and look how I turned out". I heard Mike roar with laughter. I couldn't help, but laugh too... but I have a great daughter so she is being silly. She then said "Well I follow you everywhere mom cause I love you so much and he will too"...lol!
Anyway, so on a lighter note and more personal i threw out all the HUGE undies that are required after pregnancy tonight. No guys don't give me any crap about how your woman looked great during pregnancy and she still wore skimpy undies. I am talking right after you give birth you have about 4-6 weeks of wearing large, nasty, huge grannies. Just accept it guys that your woman will um..............shed issues after she has a baby (That's as politically correct as I could keep it). So therefore, you need large undies and you just didn't see them because she hid it well! lol. So I threw them OUT because my issues are done people! Now don't get me wrong pregnancy and birth is a miracle, but some of it's just blah and the sad thing is no one likes to tell you about that part so you are prepared.. :). Since I have been through this before I knew what was coming. So I was more prepared, and therefore can enjoy the baby more.
This is the first week Jude or I don't have any doctor appointments and it's greatness!!! I am still on my steroids, but that will go away soon. Plus, Jude is doing very well so far. I cannot lie that I don't still stare at him and wonder what the future holds. People tell me not to worry, but honestly I just cannot help it.
Oh and yesterday I said I would elaborate on the political issues facing our country. I will admit I am a bit politically uneducated to an extent. I can also tell you that I understand enough, and pay attention enough to know which important issues are being addressed. At this point in my life I truly believe that the president is simply a front man to a lot of dishonest, and power hungry people. So therefore, it doesn't really matter who is voted in because the people behind him will possibly veto anything positive he does, make the final decisions, and possibly even get rid of the president if they don't get their way. It's rather scary to me. I am not saying my train of thought is valid, but it is how I feel. Although I do like that we have our first woman running for a presidential position, our first African American who may obtain president is awesome, a former POW with the guts to run, and a woman that has a special needs child running. Whoever gets the office this time should stand to make a difference if they can get past those people in the background I talked about. Good luck to whoever wins!
Ok guys I am off to go spend some time with my hubby. By the way I have decided we will be going out for our anniversary. As stated before my cousin gave me a voucher for a hotel room with a wonderful breakfast included. So I just need to think of ways to make the night special. I ADORE this guy and we had a wonderful wedding. I want our anniversary to be special too!!!

Have a great night all and don't' take offense to my political opinions because I promise I respect all people's thoughts on the subject.

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