Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brain scan update

So Jude's ventricles are still measuring at 11 + 12 and he still has some fluid in the back of the brain.  The good news is Jude can hear, see, move, is sucking, swallowing, etc etc so he appears to have normal functions. The doctor basically explained the same thing we have heard before that it may just be normal compensation from the brain bleed and he is fine. I explained my hesitation in having an MRI because I believe that puts an expectation on the child if they do indeed find an issue. He explained that he understood and that this will really just continue to be a waiting game. That we may not ever notice anything different about him, or it may come in form of a developmental delay later in life or even something more serious (doubtful too). So we will have the MRI within the next two weeks. Point is Jude is BEAUTIFUL and we love him with all our hearts no matter what. Jude is a testimony to miracles in my opinion. After a rough pregnancy I feel very blessed to be sitting her watching Jude's daddy play him music with tears rolling down his cheeks (I officially lost it finally watching that without telling him I was watching). On a side note my platelets are back to 116k, and they have a plan to watch them weekly so they can hopefully wean me off the steroids...hooray!

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Kelly said...

He is a true miracle! XOXOXO