Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good morning

I cannot sleep this morning. I think I forgot to mention that yesterday they didn't do a CBC before putting in my epidural. They had done one the night before but didn't yesterday until after they put the epi in and we found the platelets has dropped to 80k. So they had to leave the epi cath in my back all night long and I am in excrutiating pain!!!!!!! I am waiting to get my CBC this morning and to see if they can take it out. Anyway, Jude was a good boy all night long and didn't even cry. I am having some problems getting him to eat because he doesn't want to suck and swallow that much yet. The pedi should be with him in the nursery right now and I will know more on his condition soon. I can tell he can see due to bright lights and his reflexes seem good to me. I will post more later with some new pics. He is getting cuter by the second because his swelling his going down. You should see all his hair. Despite any issues that he may have I already am very much in love with him. His daddy just adores him too!!!

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Update ~ So far the pedi has come in and said "I see nothing that wouldn't make this baby normal". Also he passed his hearing test. They just came to get him for the head sono so I am saying some prayers. The hearing lady said "you seem so calm". I responded that I just have faith in him that he is ok. Jude has a purpose in this life. I am very lucky to have him here and to have had a great birth experience! I hope to see everyone soon.

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LisaAbanatha said...

Congratulations you guys!!! I'm so happy for you and so thankful that Jude is doing well. Daniel and I wish you all the very best.