Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Night

Well Jude has me a bit concerned for the first time, but it could really be nothing. It could just be my nerves and lack of sleep. He slept A LOT today and really only woke up looking for food twice. The other times he ate it was only about an ounce and we had to wake him up. Now tonight he seems to be losing most of his milk out of the left side of his mouth. He also threw up after one feeding so I am a bit concerned. He is still having wet diapers though, and around 10 am he had 3 dirty diapers in a row. He is laying under his mat right now pretty alert, and isn't crying so I am just watching him. We have a dr appt Tuesday for him so I will keep my eye on him. If anything continues or gets worse I will call the dr. His soft spot is still sunken and none of the bones on his skull have shifted so I don't think it's his head. If anything maybe he has an upset tummy? Stinks that we always have to wonder...."well maybe he won't be able to eat right", "maybe the pressure in his head is increasing", etc. We have been using a soy formula in addition to the breast milk which is running even more sparse. I tried some enfamil tonight which had a milk base and that could account for him throwing up too. Em couldn't handle milk base, and very well could be he cannot either. Em was hard to feed anything from breast milk to formula.
Today was a nice day though. Mike got up with Jude last night around 2. I took the other shifts and then he took him this morning so I could sleep and I felt SO much better. Also, my aunt had sent me a basket of food and it had a lot of pears in it. The pears were going bad and I had some bananas going bad so I went on a cooking binge. Em helped me make pear bread, pear pie, and banana nut bread. All of which turned out wonderful, and Em had a great time helping me. Well all except doing the dishes which hacked her She went to the grocery store with me before we cooked and she pushed Jude in 1 cart while I had the grocery cart. I think she had a lot of fun with that. She loves holding him, and just being involved with him. She was wonderful today by the way and is really such a big help!!!
Here are some more pics.
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N&A's Mommy said...

He's so precious!! He's got beautiful coloring-- that tan skin and beautiful black hair. What a doll!