Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday late night

I guess I am making up for the lack of blogging because I am in the mood to write again. Tonight was a nice night and I feel a bit normal. Like I said I ran all day long, but Emily had gymnastics and therefore Jude's dad watched him while I took her. I took my lap top and waited for her in the lobby. I still had to come home and make sure everyone was fed, clothed, bathed, etc but I got some me time. Mike even watched Jude while I took a long bath while listening to my music which is HEAVEN to me! Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE LOVE my baths with music playing. The good news is that Jude seems to be doing better since he got the mylanta. I think maybe it settled his tummy a bit. He is sleeping on the boppy next to me right now and his tiny little foot keeps twitching at me from under the blanket. Within the last 4 hours he has eaten 8 mommy is wondering if he won't sleep through the night tonight. So at gymnastics Emily ran into one of her old friends from her old school and she was SO was the other girl. They hugged, gossiped (ha), and held hands out to the car. So we checked into getting them in the same class which will make Emily very happy! Also, Em's friend Madison might be moving to her school which just thrills me. I really like her and her mom and they will make a great addition to this area. Her mom could come join me for a glass of wine at night!
Jude has his second PKU tomorrow. I am confused as to why they have to have TWO Pku's now?? Poor baby has to have his foot stuck. While feeding Jude tonight I noticed that he was having some odd twitching something unlike baby movements. I am hoping it's nothing, and will continue to think positive regardless though it is something I noticed. Emily signed up for a leadership club at her school and she had to fill out a survey on why they should pick her to be a member. One of the questions was, "What would you do to improve your school?". Emily wrote a paragraph regarding special needs children and that they should be treated as equals. Then today she was talking to me again about special needs kids, and said that she thinks they should be challenged more. She said that maybe Jude is here because she should learn from him, and create new programs for other kids. Wow, she is a sweet little girl and her sensitivity amazes me sometimes. The whole conversation made me reflect on our lives for the past year. I personally think Jude will look and act normal. I think he may have some ticks or issues, but goodness knows we love this little boy, and his sister loves him dearly.
On another note my anniversary is coming up in October!!! My sweet cousin offered to give us a hotel room certificate she has, and it just happens to be at the hotel we stayed at after our wedding. On top of that she offered to watch Jude in exchange for watching her kids 1 weekend. She has great kids to that sounded like a deal to me. She and Jude seem to have a connection too, and I know she would be WONDERFUL with him!!! Of course, it will be really hard for me to leave him for even 1 night, BUT has been a long hard year on my husband and I so we could use 1 night together. Also, my cousin will be understanding of my calls asking if he is ok. Then again this room may just consist of us going to bed at ten and sleeping until noon..........jk..........hopefully. lol! Have a great night.

Ok now my husband is watching a show on kids with tourets and is crying which I never see from him. I am going to go. Love to all

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luane said...

Thanks for all the posts. Life has been crazy on this side of the world due to Hurricane Ike. We were spared from major damage but alot of my friends got hit bigtime... so we have been busy trying to get their life back to as normal as possible.
I am glad that things are going so well with Jude. And sounds like emily is adapting well to a little brother too. I remember when my husband and I would have a night out... and the whole time I would be thinking,, I want to be at home with the kids.. and then I would get home the next morning ,, and the kids would be fussy and I would think,, why did I want to hurry home..LOLOL
Have a good day... and give yourself time to lose that weight.. it gets a bit harder after each child and takes a bit longer to get back to normal... don't stress...