Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Monday

It took me awhile to update today because Jude decided to stay up some last night, I slept this morning with him, went into work, and cleaned the house. So I was a busy bee today. My husband came home and looked around then said, "I must find a way to keep you at home" ha ha! That won't happen, but it was nice to hear. I am currently getting ready for the premier of Heroes and I am super excited! My cousin and Sarah M saw my hair today, and seeing how they are the two most honest people I know I think it must look good.. :). They both said they really liked it and that makes me happy. So Jude is mister fussy pants a bit lately which Mike said the reason for that is because I hold him a lot. I think it's important for babies to be held and to feel close to their family. Tonight while I was feeding him I was looking into his eyes and thought "what's behind those eyes, what can you see?, what are you thinking about?". I guess I go into deep thought with him a lot. I also read the 1 month milestones, and Jude isn't even three weeks and is reaching all of the ones listed. So I am thrilled with his progress so far. In addition to that I compared his picture with a new one of Emily I found when she was 3 weeks old. I did this because I was concerned about his little held. Honestly, they are just the spitting image of each other even the head, and I had to remind myself that Emily was TWO weeks late when Jude was TWO weeks early! Despite what I think, research, or believe life will be what it will be and I will deal. Like I said I went into work today (just to get some papers), and I am lucky that I have a job that I really like, but that doesn't mean I won't miss Jude when I go back. During my time off I have planned Emilys big tenth birthday party. At her request we are having a Halloween costume party, and she handed invites out today. I also mailed several invites off, and will let family members know by email of the date and time. Anyway, we have already gotten two denials from kids who's parents don't let them celebrate anything to do with Halloween. Which I believe in letting people believe in what they want to, and teach what they want to. From one though that wasn't allowed to celebrate the holiday either.......including dressing up and such ...... I have first hand experience at this. Its probably the reason why I still dress up every single Halloween, but I understand my parents reasoning to a point. I just am one that believes that if you want to follow this rule then to just to not let your child dress up scary, but let them participate. I personally believe that life itself is what you teach your child it is. They should have respect, know right from wrong, respect their elders, and be an all around good person. If you teach them these values then they will apply them to the proper places in life as they present themselves including Halloween. Also, Halloween was originated with the Druids (they didn't know any better), but really took off when the Christians made it All hallows eve which was the day prior to the Day of all Saints. So like I said it is what you make it. In this case it's a little kid having a bday party with some costumes and candy. I understand people's beliefs though and respect them, and this world would be really boring if we were all the same and believed the same! So there is my schpeel for the night, and I know I will get criticized some, but oh well.
Oh and I love my husband very much, but why is it men just expect you to watch the baby while they escape to their caves (ie ~ the tv room?). Why is it we women aren't expected to bath alone, watch tv alone, or crap have alone time??? I mean really!!!!!!!!! I mean they even get breaks at work don't they??? These men I swear :)

Mr. fussy britches in his sling so mommy can have some puter time:
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