Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday is FOOTBALL

Have I mentioned I liked the weekends? I honestly just have to refrain and let my hubby take over the baby for the weekend which he does to a point. He gets always wakes up early so he takes the baby and lets me sleep which is fabulous! So I get up at the 2:30 feeding, and then he gets up with him early in the morning. Considering Jude did not want to sleep last night it was a great thing that Mike took him this am. Oh and Luane is funny! Those are the bear ears I have a picture of below the professional ones. He allowed! Although after our hours and hours of pictures, waiting, printing, etc on Friday night Mike commented "Man look how much has my life has changed in the last few years that we just had a blow out party at Kiddie kandids on a Friday night. Yep we are PARTY ANIMALS now people!" Speaking of parties I pretty much have Emily's party planned. I was able to get the mad scientist people I wanted which fits with the Halloween theme she wanted!! hooray. My cousin is making a brain cake, and I am making a haunted house cake. So her big 10 party should be a blast!
So remember I was talking about losing the weight? Well .......... so I cannot really fit into my size 6 ....... anything. So right now I am in sweats that I got from Ny and Company (which I love that store) and they are pretty cute! I got some adorable sets and I pretty much alternate them, and wear them right now since I am just 3 weeks post baby. I only have 3 sets though so I decided to stop at Khols on my way home from the doctor last week and look for more. Seeing that we are trying to save money I thought Khols would be the optimal choice since they have incredible sales. I went in and looked in the women's section and couldn't find anything I liked. Since I normally shop in the juniors section I went over there to hunt through their sale racks. Juniors in their store doesn't mean much in fact there should just have a sign over that dept that reads " same sizes just more for people that don't want to flowery grandma looking tops". Anyway so I finally found some CUTE yoga pants! I figured large would work since the mediums worked from Ny and Co. So I went ahead and got them since I had the baby, and didn't want to maneuver in to the dressing room. Remember my rant when I was still pregnant about falling over trying to put pants on? Seems that is still the case post pregnancy and the pants may be shredded from my anger under my bed......... lol! jk. I put one leg in and you know that feeling where your leg stops so you wriggle and wriggle determined to get it in anyway? Then success BOTH my legs are in so I pulled up the pants up.......but then it seems ass was hanging out because all the material is over my legs. So I took the cute orange yoga pants off and my husband walked in just as I was cursing them and throwing them on the ground.
I always laugh in the movies and tv shows when you see the woman all perfect with her make up on, hair fixed, and a size 2 right after giving birth. One of my favorite movies is Gone With The Wind, but who else just loves the part where mammy is measuring her 19 inch waist telling her she won't be an 18 again because she had a baby, and this is just 2 weeks post baby??? WHAT????????? Therefore, Scarlett decides to cut the handsome Rhett off from sex (what the heck is that about anyway? Who would want Ashley over Rhett?). Vivein Leigh (Scarlett) had a 17 inch waist in real life. Want an idea of how tiny that is? Go put your hands around your husbands neck.......yes you have to let go.........anyway most men have about a 17 inch neck. So in other words she was WAY to skinny. Of course she was also very tiny, but still 17 inches is hard to process. One of her dresses from the movie is on display in Vegas at Planet Hollywood if you get a out there be sure to stop by and see it. Jude and I have been walking EVERY night though and I am very proud of myself. I am enjoying it too. I used to walk with my grandfather every night, and I learned how to take everything in and appreciate the sights, smells, and sounds of being outdoors. Right now is perfect to walk too because it isn't to hot or cold. We have walking paths in our neighborhoods and that makes it very easy. We are probably walking a mile or two each day. I cannot go to far because Jude gets a bit fussy after awhile. I like to walk at about 6pm and that can be an issue because I am getting Emily taken care of too. I guess eventually everything falls into place.
Oh I do have a funny story from last night though. Mike and I were in the TV room on the couch, and had all the lights off with Jude was on his boppy in the middle of us. We were watching a taped episode of Entourage and both of us were very into it when Mike looked over and said "Where's my baby?" then he giggled. All we could see was Jude's hair sticking out of the boppy because he had slid down the middle. Then to top off funny stuff yours personally decided to slip down the stairs last night......note to self do not wear socks and walk down the stairs.

So Jude is a bit fussy this morning so I gave him a bath, and a massage to try to relieve any gas. He felt a little warm to me too and was in a onsie so I will keep an eye on him. I think he is ok though and the bath seemed to cool him down some. So yesterday we were at Emilys game, and we saw a little girl who had some serious issues. She was in a wheelchair, and really could not function on her own. You can tell her parents dress her, bath her, change her diapers, etc everyday. It's not that I would do that for Jude, and love him with all my heart. It is however that I pray that is not the case for him. I want him to have independence, and have a normal life to some point. It sucks waiting! I am waiting patiently to see Jude smile because that is really the last milestone we need to hit before 3 months.
I guess I better go finish my laundry. My cat has an affinity for fluffy clothes and when I do laundry she sleeps on them to get them dirty again. I have about ten towels folded in a chair right now and I get she thinks she is the princess in the pea because she is sleeping on top of the stack.

Ps. Go Cowboys!

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