Thursday, February 11, 2016


Jude had a much better evening yesterday but is still very congested and rigid. This morning Jude vomited yellow with our overnight nurse. He has had a pretty good day with Charlotte but she said Jude is very rigid or "stiff". She is having a hard time getting him to relax. 

I found out today that the program Jude is under in Texas that provides his services is being discontinued. They will be moved over to a new program that's being managed by one main facility. This may not be a negative thing but after what I have dealt with in regards to nursing I am really nervous. My friend said "We get used to something and then they change it. We have enough to deal with!". It's true and that's exactly how I felt and I realize that may sound a little entitled but I cannot help my feelings. I am one big ball of stress now. 

Sometimes I feel like I am living that movie "Groundhog Day". It seems like once you get an appeal or another situation handled yet another one pops up. It doesn't ever seem like you can just coast in neutral. It's frustrating. 

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