Friday, February 12, 2016

A real housewife and Jude's update

Someone asked me yesterday if I had seen the pictures that were released introducing the cast of "The Real Housewives Of Dallas". I did see the photo and it even looks like a few of my friends may know some of the cast. Before I start this I want to point out that I understand this is just a reality show. The cast and settings are picked based on popularity and what will draw the most viewers. However when I started thinking about the term "real" housewife I pictured a much different show.

The average housewife in Texas is not extremely wealthy and doesn't live a lavish lifestyle. I started to think about if the show followed just a regular housewife and I have to admit I did giggle a bit. If they watched us roll out of bed with messy hair, putting on last years jeans, last years shoes, and watching us yell at the kids to hurry and get in the car. As we flew out the door late for school and late for work the camera crew would run behind us dodging backpacks and juice boxes. We would try to fit the crew in our minivan that's littered with yesterdays juice boxes and old homework that had escaped the before mentioned back packs. I could imagine them trying to film the inside of the van while children yelled, fought, or slept. Dropping one child off to one school, another off to a different location, and then speeding off to work. Running through the office doors in a frenzy and then sitting there filming you while you type on your computer and answer the phones. Either that or going back home with a little one in tow only to spend your entire day working hard on the house, cooking, cleaning, and more. I don't think the average housewife would make for good entertainment but it is in fact more of a reality than the "reality" shown. I can only imagine if a crew tried to incorporate our beeping oxygen machines and daily routine in with before mentioned scenario. I think the crew would probably throw up their hands and quit. I think I will stick with watching the lifestyle they present of the successful and wealthy. Although we are all successful in our own right :). 

Jude encountered several oxygen issues and heart issues last night and this was new. We have had oxygen drops before and we have had heart rate drops before but never combined. Jude pretty much slept yesterday evening when I got home. He was so comfortable that I hated to even move him to give him his medications or changed his diaper but he never work up when I did. He is still smiling so that's always a good sign. 

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