Thursday, December 17, 2015

Merry Christmas and Jude's update.

Hospice recommended increasing Jude's Gabapentin which is a medication to relieve nerve pain. This has seemed to help some but I still wonder if he has something brewing in his lungs. He is more relaxed but still having issues with rigidity and crying episodes. However the crying episodes are not as frequent. Last night Jude wasn't feeling that great but he was comforted as long as I held him. So we spent some time watching TV together. Every now and then Jude would stiffen out and it's very difficult to hold him when he does that. His head gets buried into your forearm to the point it causes a lot of pain. Jude still looks very pale to me but he was able to spend some time off his oxygen last night so that's actually a very good thing. It's eerily quiet in my house when the oxygen machine is not running. 

It looks like we will be spending a quiet Christmas at home this year. Jude cannot travel to anyone's house and we have family going out of town. So I decided to make a full Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve for anyone who wants to attend. Then on Christmas day nurse Allen will watch Jude for a few hours while we treat Mike to Star Wars as a gift. Trust me I am very excited about that as well! 

Thank you for reading our story, all your prayers, and all your love. We wish you a very Merry Christmas from myself, Mike, Jude, and Emily. 

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