Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday's update with a big sigh

One of these days I am going to quit saying it's been one of those days. Until that time let me tell you about this fine Thursday in January. It started with Jude having significant issues keeping his oxygen up overnight. He wasn't toned out. In fact after the Ativan he was rather relaxed but his oxygen level kept setting off the alarms. His oxygen even dipped to 69 last night. HOLY COW! After putting him on 9 liters of Oxygen we were able to get a little rest.

Today I unintentionally hurt a friend due to business related issues. It's weighing on me but unfortunately it was really out of my control. I hate people being upset especially those I care for. Next I got a call from Charlotte that Jude's J button was clogged and she could not get it unstuck. That could mean an ER visit which might not be a bad thing since Jude needs to be seen anyway. Then I got a call from Emily's school that she wasn't feeling well. So I told my work I was taking lunch to grab Emily and go by my house to see if I could unclog the button.

I left and got Emily first who looked peaked, tired, and very sad. I think she has something viral laced with a very broken heart. She doesn't understand the treatment she is receiving. I told her that Mike has always told me not to expect people to treat you the way you treat them. So do your very best to be kind to others and live in the fact you did the best you could. Next we rushed to the house and I grabbed my favorite unblocking syringe and with some work I was able to unclog the line...whew. Then I hopped back in my car and raced back to work. It was a matter of making everything flow and work together without missing hours. I was happy it all worked out.

While I was home I noticed Jude just doesn't look well. I know he is sick but he just didn't look well to me at all. His coloring is not good, his little feet are ice cold, and he is just so tired. He would give me some great smiles though and that made me happy. I am glad the button unclogged because I was rather worried about trying to transport him to the ER in his condition. The last time I did that was when Jude coded so I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I believe Hospice can help transport him if needed but I am not sure. I wasn't going to call 911 over a button issue so I would have figured it out. I am sure Emily or Charlotte could have ridden with Jude the whole way but it would have been pretty stressful for us.

Charlotte mentioned that the hospice PA suggested putting a crisis nurse in the house to regulate getting Jude on Ativan and Morphine. She would get him to a point that it would not affect his respiratory and it would help him sleep. So I am going to talk to them about getting this done.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Jude is better...please know there are many praying for your family.