Thursday, January 22, 2015

A video of Jude's high tone last night

Well as I mentioned Jude had a decent day yesterday but about 5:40 that changed. He was becoming very toned out and it looked painful so Charlotte gave him some Motrin and when that didn't work she gave him Ativan. When I got home she mentioned that he might need Morphine because the tone was still there. We weren't sure if the tone was being caused from the change in TX weather or if it was a reaction to not feeling well. So I did end up having to give him the Morphine and Jude still was not doing well.

I sent this video to Hospice so they could understand what we are dealing with when we cannot get his tone under control. His heart rate was at 176 and his O2 kept falling. They decided to increase the dose of ativan and soon Jude was more under control. He was calm for several hours and then we all went to sleep. Jude had his evening meds and he slept pretty well until 2:30am. Then Jude had an issue with apnea and we could not keep his oxygen level up. We would reposition him to get his oxygen to 100 and then within 5 minutes his alarms were going off again because his levels were in the 80's. Again was this just the apnea, was it a breathing issue, was it pain, or what. So we worked and worked on getting him in the right position and at the right level of oxygen.  I really didn't want to give him anymore medication since we were already dealing with respiratory issues. Finally about 4 I turned him to his right, turned up his oxygen to 9, and he went to sleep without issues.

I am tired and cranky. This week has taken a toll so if you are easily offended if someone snaps at you I suggest not calling or texting, lol! I am kidding, I will do my best to be nice.

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