Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Same song different verse

Jude didn't have the best night again. We gave him ativan during one of this storming sessions but he was so toned out the medication was pushed out his feeding site. When we finally got him calmed down.........which took about 3 hours we gave him some Morphine. This settled him down enough to let him go to sleep but he would cry out pretty often. He would also lose oxygen and had to be put up to 9 liters last night. At one point I just started crying because I was so tired so Mike got up and went and took care of Jude.

On top of everything at 2am I hear Emily bawling her eyes out and throwing up. Turns out she just had her first real heartbreak topped with a lesson of broken trust. ARGH I feel so bad for her and there is nothing I can do to make it better. It will just take time.

This morning Charlotte told me she had good news and bad news. The good news was Jude's lungs "sound" clear, but the bad news is he has a low grade fever. That is never bueno when Jude is concerned. So she is giving him a bath and then rechecking the temp. If he still has one she will give him Motrin. Jude is still on the antibiotic so now it's really a guessing game. However this is an explanation for the past few difficult days. He is just not feeling well at all and it's a matter of finding out what the underlying culprit is.

Here is a picture last night of Jude giving me a little grin. He is pretty pale but he was calm at this moment.

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