Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our night

About 3:30pm I was sitting at my desk at work and I thought I heard thunder and then the familiar sound of hail hitting our roof. I honestly laughed and thought "You have got to be kidding me". So I gathered up my items and headed out to go get Jude and take him on the long trek into Cook's children's. I had told the GI specialist that I would be leaving at 4pm to get Jude and we would be heading to downtown. However this 40 minute trip turned into a 2 1/2 hour traffic nightmare. Jude even ran out of oxygen in his portable tank. The specialists office kept calling checking where we were. I explained that we were stuck in traffic but that we were trying so hard to get there. Then I got the ultimate phone call..........the specialist was going home. I felt like crying.......I did cry.... I was stern and upset. I couldn't understand how someone in Jude's condition could be pushed aside. I explained that he just got this new feeding tube  administered BY THEM and that it was failing. In addition to the fact that Jude was almost out of oxygen after the long trip and that we were doing our best to get to the facility, but there was nothing we could do because the doctor had to go. I will digress to this situation later.

So we walked into ER and I made my way to the triage while holding Jude in my arms, explaining our oxygen tank ran out on our long trip. They took us back immediately and hooked Jude up oxygen and provided us a suction. When we were asked what happened I told them the long story and through tear filled eyes I said, "I am just a mom on the ledge". The doctor looked so empathetic and she immediately got us back to the regular ER along with a nurse to relay our information.  Once in the room I felt a little more calm and realized that life is always going to fall the way it should and there isn't much I can do about it. My dear friend Gina came with us and I looked at her sitting on the chair beside me and quietly I said "I told the doctor I was a mom on the ledge". She busted out laughing and so I laughed too. I think that relaxation moment was well needed.

Soon a sweet nurses tech came into the room and explained that we would be going upstairs after being admitted. In my mothers exhaustion hysteria I burst out with a few sentences regarding my extreme displeasure regarding the doctor that left and left us in this situation. That we would now have to admit Jude due to his lack of patience. The tech looked stunned and then looked down at his computer and said, "I am not sure I should tell you this but I am in the wrong room." I paused and said, "are you serious?".  He said "yes". We literally all laughed again.........even the tech.

So we sat in the small cramped ER room and we realized that Jude was really going to have to be checked in for the night. There wasn't anyone on staff that knew how to rightfully place the GJ tube without using sedation. Due to Jude's pneumonia and him coding in the ER on Thursday they could not put him under to place the feeding tube. So Jude had to be checked in, an IV was place to provide fluids, and they kept him on 5 liters of oxygen. I looked at Mike and I was blunt.......I said "I need to be selfish tonight........I need to sleep". I think he knew that I was not acting rational and that I needed to catch up so he stayed. He stayed even though this may effect his ability to obtain the promotion he is looking for.

My friend Gina called her sister who came from North Richland Hills and picked us up from the ER. She drove us all the way back to my house to obtain Jude's medications that the hospital doesn't have available and to pick up clothes for Mike. Gina then got into her car and drove all the way back to the ER to drop supplies off to Mike. I would like to think I have the generosity that flows through Gina's veins but I don't think I do. I am so grateful for her help tonight! She was truly invaluable. As I type she is still sitting with Mike not even questioning what time she should leave. She just keep saying, "I am here". So we wait until the morning. We know that it looks like the tube could possibly could be out of place.

I promised I would discuss the doctor who was suppose to meet us today. After eating and thinking rationally I decided that this man........this doctor.... has a life like we do. He may even have a special needs child so I decided not to judge. Jude was happy in the ER and even held his O2 for awhile without the need of an oxygen mask. So I took a deep breath. I decided to look at the positive. Jude was happy, he seems to be overcoming the pneumonia, and we will get his feeding tube replaced in the morning. It's not ideal but well...........I always say it is what it is. Jude and I are lucky we have such loving people to help us.

Good night Ju Ju Bean! I will see you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Jenn, I don't think I've ever commented but I'm always so moved by your posts and your love for Jude. I appreciate tour second perspective on the dr....I'm pretty sure I would've held on (unfairly) to the first. All the best to you and your boy.....and if THIS stops the promotion, PLEASE let your readers know so se can let the social media rant begin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn. I too am a long time reader first time commenter. I too am so moved by your story. Hang in there!