Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Just call me Eeyore

We worked until about 1:15 am to get Jude's oxygen stabilized enough for all of us to go to sleep. He was then up with oxygen issues again at 4:10 but those didn't last to long. I was able to get a little sleep when his nurse got there.

However as I was pulling up to work Jude's nurse called and explained his new feeding tube is stuck! What does that mean? Who knows. I highly doubt the Pediasure that is diluted with half water and the 5 pedialyte boluses clogged it. So it's either kinked, out of place, or their is a blockage. So I just felt defeated. The radiologist was very nice and told me to leave when I can later today and she will wait to go home until they see Jude.

So I have to leave early today and get him back down to Cook's. I will have to have someone ride with me to suction Jude and make sure his O2 stays up. So either Mike will go or I hope my friend Gina can.

Thanks for your concerns.

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