Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A fever

Well the good news is we all got a few hours of sleep!!! I am still very tired but better than I was. Now the not so great news is Jude was throwing up last night. He threw up all his medications and anything else in his stomach. He never vomited formula so that means the other feeding line is in place. However Jude woke up vomiting about 5:30, has a high fever, and very high heart rate.  I gave him some motrin and a bed bath which both seem to have been effective. We aren't sure if he aspirated or if he had some reaction to the new medication patch that helps with his secretions. I think it may be both. I think the patch caused him to vomit which caused him to aspirate. This is just further proof we need a nurse at night. We go running if we hear Jude retch but we do not not always make it in time. 

Jude is smiling so that's  positive. He is sleepy and just not feeling well. I'm going to talk to his nurse and call hospice again. I have to go into work because I have an employee out but if Jude has to go back to the hospital I will have to leave. Hopefully this is something that can be handled at home.

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