Tuesday, December 31, 2013

cough cough cough snort snort snot

Jude's cough got much better with the steroids....YAY! Now it's back again...BOO!!! He was up and down throughout the night coughing and when he gets on a binge cough it can last 20 minutes or more. Poor kiddo! Still no fever and his color is still really good.  

Last night before he went to bed I was making farm noises for Jude.

What does the cow say? mooooooooo
What does the chicken say? bawk bawk
What does the pig say? Snort Snort

Oh man he would CRACK up at the pig noise. I mean laugh hysterically. It was so very cute and so special!

I am still at a loss with the cough, but we are watching him closely. We have all the right medication, gadgets, and equipment to help him.

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