Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jude and the little red fire truck

The other day we went shopping for Emily's first Christmas Angel through Emily's Smile Boxes. The little boy had requested a fire truck as his present. As we combed through the different variation of fire truck toys I caught myself getting teary. I quietly turned to Mike who just smiled. He knew that I was mourning again for the boy I wanted to buy fire trucks for. The one that would be running to the tree on Christmas day.  It still happens..........even after 5 years I still on occasion get a bit emotional. Then I get home to Jude and I remember just how amazingly blessed I am. So that very night I logged online and ordered Jude a cute bright red fire truck with working lights and a siren. I know he will love it very much!  

Last night we went to the Dallas Cowboys kids Christmas party that is given for the children of employees. I watched the kids running around through the blow up mazes and around the field. They threw footballs, ate cookies, and sat on Santa's lap. Mike just looked at me and said "I would probably be chasing after him huh?". I just smiled. He probably would, but Jude enjoyed the party in his own way. He loved the bright lights chasing through the stadium. He listened to the music, listened to the kids, and he really enjoyed being rolled around the field. Jude didn't last long because it all became overwhelming, but before we left we paid Santa a visit. Santa asked if he could hold Jude's head (because Jude kept swinging it out of his wheelchair) and then he posed for the picture. After the picture Santa held Jude's head close and kept saying, "I love you. Remember Santa loves you Jude!". It was SO sweet! I was so impressed with him and his kindness.

Merry Christmas everyone! May you be blessed beyond measure.

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