Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jude, the bathroom, and Emily

Jude seems to be doing pretty well lately. He is wanting to be held at night, but I don't think it's because he is sick. I honestly think the weather change is causing his body to hurt and being held comforts him. He is also pretty toned out which rather confirms to me that pain is the issue we are dealing with. His Botox appointment is coming up and I am really hoping it will help with his tone a bit and any discomfort he may be having.

As far as the bathroom is concerned I have ran all the figures and all the options through my head. Tomorrow I am emailing the contractor and asking him to get us a final estimate on removing the tub and putting in the 5 foot shower. There is still a window issue and I am afraid there may still be a drain issue, but I am not for certain. Regardless I think they can work with the budget with just the shower. This may decrease our house value, but I think it's what must be done. I can always go upstairs to Emily's bathroom to use a bath tub. I can also save to get a bigger tub in her bathroom. So it will all work out. It may not be the ideal situation, but we have options when many don't.

We are diligently getting ready for Emily's Texas Teen USA competition in two weeks. She is very excited and we are starting to lay everything out and get out the suitcases. If you remember Jude got very ill last year right before competition and was hospitalized. So we are praying that Jude and Emily both stay healthy, no more occurrences happen that cost a lot of money (recent major car issue), that we get blessed with good weather for driving, and that Emily has a great time and stays confident. So a few extra prayers would be great if you can spare them :).

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