Monday, November 25, 2013

Is the Botox working?

It's either the Botox or the weather but something isn't working well with Jude. Friday and Saturday night he didn't sleep well. Plus he was very rigid, stiff, and in pain. I did give him Motrin which seemed to help and I massaged his legs. His neck was so stiff that it hurt my left arm to hold him on the couch. He would press it as hard as he could into my forearm. I would eventually have to set him down and he didn't like that at all. However, Jude did sleep well last night. I kept him up later than normal, gave him his sedative, and wrapped him tightly in his blankets. He slept well until about 5:30am.

So I am not sure the Botox is working at all. In fact, it seems to have made things worse. However, like I said it could be the cold. I am not sure on that either since we have kept the house very warm for him.

It's a busy week for us, but a slow one at work. Emily has interview lessons tomorrow and Wed. In addition to nails, tan, and all kinds of prep for her big weekend. Get ready for LOTS of pictures on Facebook. If you don't like it........hide me! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I wish you the biggest blessings possible and a year of nothing but joy.

Also, we are so much closer to getting Jude's bathroom done. When we get back we are getting some new estimates and we hope to get started after Christmas.

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