Friday, November 22, 2013

A sleepless night and Dallas.

Since Jude's Botox injections he had been sleeping great.........until last night. Oh man it was a long night between Jude and my cat. Poor Jude just could not get comfortable. In the great state of Texas it was very arctic cold last night so we decided to keep our indoor/outdoor cat in. He didn't like that much! He is a very intelligent cat and when he wants outside he raps on our blinds in our bedroom. About 1am he began to rap and rap and rap and rap! Finally, I opened the front door to let him outside for about five minutes. I stood there waiting on him to come back to the front door, but he never appeared. So I went to get a drink of water and suddenly at my back door I hear a knock. I opened the door and there was the cat. So I checked on Jude and then went back to bed. There was my husband and our dog, our indoor cat, and the other cat all snuggled into the bed. There was barely enough room for me. When I repeated this process a few hours later I seriously considered buying a coat for the cat and leaving him outside. Maybe some boots with fur? Insert a giggle.

I am waiting to see the results of the Botox. I know it could take a little while so I am not rushing the possible progress. Hopefully Jude will see more motion and some relief of the pain he was experiencing.

I am happy to report that the fundraiser has done VERY well! We have also had a few friends step forward that work in the remodel industry and they are going to help us accomplish our goal. We will probably wait a little longer to see all our possibilities, but at least now we have a route to go. What a relief.

So today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. What a terrible awful day for the place I live. Dallas is such an amazing city now. It's full of life, love, and historical value. It has a focus on artistic abilities, great food, and eclectic values. I cannot even imagine it being deemed the "City of Hate". When I am out of town and someone asks me where I am from I naturally reply Dallas even though I live closer to Fort Worth. It's like Southerners being asked if they want a "Coke" and then asking "What Kind". Yes, that happens. So to share in history I asked those over 50 on my Facebook to share how they learned of the tragedy. I think it will be interesting to see the responses.

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