Monday, March 4, 2013

What's that noise?

Last night while sleeping I heard a very odd noise that woke me up. It sounded like a mouse squeaking, but it was coming through the baby monitor we have set up to hear Jude. When I got to his room his breathing was very shallow and he just had a little squeak with each breath. I hooked up his pulse ox and it was at 86 and heart rate was 143. I rubbed on his chest and did some CPT to try to loosen any mechanical obstruction (Phlegm) that might be causing the issue. Mike suggested that I give Jude some Benadryl so I filled a syringe up and administered it through his button. After I felt he was comfortable in bed I went to lay back down, but I never could sleep right. I kept listening for Jude's breathing. If I heard him it kept me awake and if I didn't hear him I panicked.

In the morning Jude's pulse ox was much better. After his neb treatments Charlotte said it stayed around 97-100. She said he is in good spirits, but doesn't seem 100% himself. So we are keeping an eye on him.

Emily is doing well. She has all her high school courses picked out and is trying out for the drill team next month. She is also still getting ready for her Miss Dallas teen pageant. If you haven't liked her page please visit she would appreciate it.!/EmilyLitesForMissDallasTeen2013

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