Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life can change in an instant

To be honest one of the reasons I haven't agreed to Mike's want of another child is because I am afraid something will go wrong. I know that sounds sad.........afraid that something will go wrong. I wasn't just afraid the pregnancy would go wrong, but that something would happen in the future and I wasn't sure if I could handle it. I never thought I would be one to live in fear....but I am. I was afraid of finally.......letting go and being very afraid.

So today when I got a call from a friend that her young niece was very ill my heart dropped. I felt that fear again. My friend had been updating me since her sister rushed her daughter to the hospital a few days ago. I suggested a few possible ailments, but never expected the one she came back with. She told me her niece possibly had west Nile encephalitis. Which basically means her brain was very swollen due to the virus. On top of that she had suffered a stroke..........damn strokes. So as usual when medicine is concerned.... it's a wait and see situation. However, I kept telling my friend that children are RESILIENT. Her niece was healthy prior to the onset of the infection and they caught this early so this gives her great odds. I also told her to be positive. One thing I insist on with Jude is that people are positive around him. I think kids can pick up on that.......they hear more than you think they can. My friend is always full of sunshine and positive thoughts so I know she will spread good thoughts.

So I stepped back and wondered if it's ever actually valid that we live in fear. Jude's situation well "it is what it is". We give him the best possible care with the hopes that he will be with us for a very long time.  We love him with all our heart knowing he gives us the same in return. However, when you have a overall healthy child that is suddenly facing a struggle for you still allow fear in? No you don't. I remembered that you put on your boots, you dig in deep, and you accept nothing but a positive outcome!

So with that here is another thought. Life can change in a mere second. So let your worries go and just hug your kiddo's or family. Also, if you are a father and cannot take the time to care for your kids in an emergency situation you need to revaluate your life.......but I guess that's my own personal opinion.

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