Monday, March 25, 2013

Body temp regulation?

Charlotte said Jude stayed about the same today. His fever didn't come back, but she had given him Motrin early in the day. About 6:15 she gave him Valium (diazepam) due to Jude being so uncomfortable. He slept until 9pm.

He woke up with a few coughs and like he wasn't sure what was going on. I noticed he felt very cold.......when I took his temp it was only 93.4 aux. I checked his toenails and they looked pretty blue. I would chalk this up to being cold, but he was under a blanket. So my next question is wondering if the medication could cause this issue.

I took him into his bedroom and changed his clothes, diaper, etc. This got his temp up to 96.4 which I could deal with. His pulse was 134 and his ox level was up to 98. He still cracked a few smiles for me so I am still hoping he is on the mend.

He isn't sleeping with me tonight like he did last night so I am sure I will be in there about every hour to check on him.

I am not sure what else would cause an issue with Jude not regulating his body temp, but it is a bit strange.


Kim C. said...

From what I have read about Valium, it could possibly cause a lower body temperature under certain conditions. I would call the Neuro, and run it by him/her. The dosage may need to be lowered. Also, I'm not sure what other medications Jude takes, it could be a medication combination type of reaction. Hope that helps, and hope Jude feels better soon.

Reagan Leigh said...

Children with mito tend to have a lot of issues controlling their body temperatures. Whether too hot or too cold, their autonomic nervous system just doesn't function properly!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered he possibly has autonomic disreflexia?