Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PURE frustration, puppies, and disabled puppies.

Well the last two days have been very frustrating. Jude has officially outgrown his wheelchair and his bath chair. I have a very big..........TALL...boy! My friend Gena brought her 5 year old son over and Jude was so much bigger than he is. So we had an appointment scheduled with a DME yesterday. My experience with their company has been less than stellar so far. They were recommended to me by the school and by Jude's other medical supply company. However, the company in question has gone through a merger and it seems we have been mixed into that shuffle. So after several confusing phone calls we had an appointment set for yesterday. They had asked for our physical therapists phone numbers and assured me they would have them at the meeting. Well...............the physical therapist was never called so therefore we had to reschedule. On top of that our therapist NOW called today to inform us that Jude's reauthorization for therapy had not been submitted and therefore he would not have therapy until it was completed. So now we have no therapist to meet with the DME company and no therapy for Jude for a few weeks. I understand people get busy and things happen, but this has been very frustrating and unacceptable. Especially putting this on top of a busy day at work. I respect my sons therapists and I appreciate all they do. With that being said I do not appreciate a break in therapy due to the lack of paperwork not being submitted. If I can work three jobs and care for my family then being busy isn't a valid excuse to me.

Now let me change to a more positive tone. Last night we let the "terrorists" (AKA. Spot and Jack) into the house because it was about to storm. We had just bathed them the day before, applied their flea treatment, and made them look great! So they ran around the house like crazy dogs until they finally settled in on their favorite chair. Spot has an affinity for girls and is constantly following Emily and myself around. He wanted to check out what Emily was doing on the lap top

When the storms hit the dogs went crazy!!! They have such storm anxiety. They played who could climb on Mount Jenn the highest.

Bigsby was not happy that there were other dogs on his human!

With the loss of Lady Mike has been in mourning for her. However, he has also been look at German Shepard pups. This isn't something we would rush out and do, but having a dog that could be trained to help us with Jude would be amazing. I have talked with a lady at IDEA Service dogs. They teach you how to train the puppy for the specific needs of your disabled relative. We still sleep with a baby monitor in our room to hear Jude when he wakes up at night or has a seizure. A service dog could alert us if Jude needs our help. They can also help with other aspects even though Jude is fully disabled. So it's just a consideration and Mike is enjoying looking at puppies online. So last night he comes in and says "awwwwwwwwwww, I want this one!!"

Me: So you want a disabled dog to care for the disabled baby?
Mike: Well..........
Me: No
Mike: we could get a service dog for the disabled service dog and Jude
Me: No
Mike: But.........
Me: No
Mike: Well he has an owner, but I would take him if I could
Me: mmmmmmmmm okay add to our list babe..........just add to it.
We were playing around, but it was ironic that he picked the one pup out that needs extra help. Both of us do have a soft spot in our hearts and would adopt every animal we could if we had a big farm, but we don't.

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Anonymous said...

A service dog would be awesome for Jude! I saw one assisting a young lady with CP. She said the dog prevented her from falling because her balance wasn't good. It's amazing what animals can do for a person, emotionally and physically.