Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh Mikey!

So casually last night I was looking in the mirror and I as I ran my hand down my neck I realized I looked older. I wasn't as thin and pretty as I used to be and I knew time/stress was taking it's toll. So I reached out in an effort to have my wonderful husband make me feel better.

Me: Honey, if you knew in advance everything that was going to happen to us.......would you have still loved me....still married me?
Mike: (reading his iphone and eating cereal).....(very dry...not paying attention) Sure babe
Me: LIAR! geeeeeeeeeeeees
Mike (laughs and spits cereal everywhere)
Mike: You just made a marshmallow go up my noise! I am choking here
Me: Well I mean could you be anymore rude about it. How about "yes honey with everything we have been through I still would have married you"
Mike; How about "I was just giving you a quick answer so you would shut the hell up and let me eat my *&$?$ Lucky Charms"

Good ole Mikey! lol. At least he had me laughing.

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