Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Follow up to yesterday

It's been one of those weeks! I still don't have the therapy ironed out. The phone call I was promised yesterday to get the situation resolved never came in. So I will work on that again today. Also the dogs got out again yesterday afternoon. Our nurse said the lady that brought the dogs back was not happy at all they were out and down near the community pool (there is a fence to keep them out). I was irritated by this. Like I said it's been a week and I am about over rude people. I am sure it was an inconvenience to her to bring home our heathens, but it could not have paid for me to be there. I would have replied, "at least you can go swimming with your about you come in and meet my child hooked up to his IV and we can talk about how little things like dogs getting out shouldn't upset you so much". With that being said the (*&% dogs got out again this morning. So rather than laying back down after being up and down all night (and up since 5:45) I had to go get the *$&% dogs. The dogs who have terrorized my house yesterday and got banned to the garage where they were ripping the rubber off the garage door. So I guess I need to have the same discussion with myself that I wanted to have with the lady that returned the dogs because right now they are on my POOP list! I found this online yesterday when researching Jack Russell's "You will need to be committed to ensuring that the fence is secure, because Jack Russell's are escape artists. They can also climb fences." Another article said "better than Houdini!" YA THINK??????????

Also, Jude had a TERRIBLE startle seizure last night when our cat sneezed. It was so bad that Jude fell asleep afterwards. However, he didn't stay asleep all night. I am seriously considering leaving early and taking a half mental health day from work. Poor Jude had another seizure this morning when Bigsby barked, but it was not as bad. So between the Jacks escaping, Bigsby barking, and the cat sneezing I have decided to have animal stew tonight. Kidding.....well kinda.

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