Friday, March 2, 2012

A singer, some medicine, and a naughty nurse

As I mentioned yesterday I have been hit with the crud. So I decided to hit Minute Clinic off N Tarrant Pkwy last night. I won't even mention how incredibly rude the nurse practitioner was..........okay I guess I will mention it. Seriously she must just HATE her job because she hated her clinic, me, and everyone working there.  I seriously say one employee duck and cover. So I left that facility and traveled up the road to Care Now in Keller. They were super nice and super quick. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. I don't like to take antibiotics unless I am just miserable. I am still pretty stuffy, but the nectar of the Gods medicine is doing it's job. WHEW!  

I have to brag on my husband because he really helped me out. He was also a little devil for a bit, but I will go into that later. First the guy drove out to my job yesterday to take me to get my car inspected, take me to lunch, and then take me back to get my car. Then after work I knew I had to have Emily at her open house because she was performing with her advanced theater group by 6:15. Her group was to be the entertainment while the parents were going through the building. I got stuck in traffic and I felt like the bottom of an old shoe. So Mike packed Jude up ........ feeding pump and all to get Emily dropped off at her school in time. So he calls me and this is where he turned into a little devil.

Mike: Don't worry I am on my way to drop Em off.
Me: Well it's her open house we shouldn't just drop her off
Mike: Dude, it's like a bunch of little kids I don't know performing and singing ... not just her. She said her part is only 15 minutes long.
Me: really?
Mike: she isn't 7 she is's not like artwork hung on the windows and stuff
Me: well if she was wanting us to attend you sure aren't making her feel like we want to go right now
Mike: She said she thought you were going to drop her off anyway
Me: that's strange..........really?
Mike: she gets it.........(talking to Em now) hey Em you get it right. I mean we are pulling in the parking lot...see that dad......he is thinking he really doesn't want to be here. Look at that one....all stinkin from working in his garage shop all day he just wants a dang shower......and that one....well his look says it all doesn't it?
Me: really....... you are not saying this to her
Em: giggling
Mike: see she gets it

Sigh! So anyway. Emily went to her open house and after I finished with the doctor I ran to pick her up. She said everything went well. So then we get home and start talking about her open house.

Me: Casen said you sang your song
Mike: HOLD UP a minute YOU sang a song???
Me: Yes a solo in her play..........Adam Lamberts version of "Mad World"
Mike: SHUT up you didn't tell me you had to sing. I so would have been there!
Em: Hence the reason I wanted to be dropped off
Mike: You had this planned out didn't you??
Em: Yup
Me: She got one up on you didn't she?

So then she sang it for us and she did pretty well. I was surprised.

Jude is feeling much better and loved his Goodnight Gorilla story again last night. He is beginning to anticipate the parts of the story. His favorite part is, "and the Gorilla said Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!"

Have a good weekend!

Ps. If anyone knows of any businesses that like to donate to 501c non-profits please let me know.

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