Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jude's diagnosis and it got me!

We took Jude to the doctor last night and they let us know that Jude had a double ear infection. I felt just terrible for the little guy. He cannot tell us where he is hurting so we have to figure it out. Charlotte said she had a feeling it might be his ears because when you held his head close to your body he would get quiet. So he is on a nice round of antibiotics now.
Once we got home I began to feel like the grim reaper might be approaching my front porch soon. So therefore I started downing Emergen-C in hopes that the vitamin C would ward off the plaque. Alas I was to late and the kids sickness got me. I am currently at work miserable as I try to make it through the day. I sound like Darth Vader and feel like the grim reaper's sickle has already sliced through me, blah!!!

On a positive note I posted on facebook that my car passed inspection. I only had to change the battery and the thermostat so I am a happy girl. However, I am not so happy that some jerk face in France decided to steal my debit card number! Yes, they got almost $500 in charges before they go caught. My husband just said "man if we don't have the luck". I am sure the bank will get it worked out. I wonder how much banks lose each year due to fraud?

So I am now fighting my illness. I was going to go to the doctor today, but they proclaimed they don't have anything open until Monday afternoon. I am not sure what part of "I won't make it until Monday" they didn't get. So I am going to try to battle this without anything. If my huge lymph node is an indication of the aggressiveness of this thing I may be in Minute Clinic by tomorrow.

Oh well! You just have to laugh.


sarah said...

About 5 years ago I bought an otoscope ( the thingie to look in ears and throats) from for about $50. My doctor taught me how to use it, so now if one of the kids has a sore ear, I can look and see if it is infected before I take them in. Getting one might be a good option for you...that way if Jude gets cranky you can give his ears and throat a quick check.

Anonymous said...

They sell them at Walmart now