Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conversations heard in my house

Bark bark bark bark bark

Me: Your dogs are about to foghorn in the backyard
Mike: (looks at me) D- OOOOOO - GEEEEE - EEES
Me: Yep (turning down TV to hear the relentless howling of the "terrorists")
Mike: opens door


Me: rolling my eyes
Mike: Spot is just running back and forth in front of the fence barking.........there isn't even anyone walking by.
Me: Because he is C R A Z Y
Mike: and Lady is crazy too?
Me: Nooooooooo Lady is senial......Spot is just bipolar
Mike: and Jack? (the small one)
Me: SCARED he is just laying low so neither one of them kill him
Mike (laughs) so he just gets like two bites of kibble and runs for his life?
Emily: (pretty much falls off the chair laughing)

It's true...........ever wonder about the terrorists? Please share my video from so long ago.

With that story let me share another old video. Watch how hard Jude works at getting his head up to look at his sister. So great.

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