Tuesday, October 4, 2011

They got fired!

Yesterday I had to make two stops on my way home from work. Once I got home I informed everyone I was taking Jude for our walk prior to cooking dinner. The sun was setting and I wanted to get that time in with him. The rest of the family wasn't thrilled, but they went with it. Emily even came along to keep me company during the stroll. We got about a block away and Jude started getting very cranky........which is unusual. He isn't comfortable in his wheelchair, but he will normally tolerate because he likes the walk so much. I began walking faster because I knew that Jude wasn't going to make the walk long. Emily shouted "You are like a sprint walker" as she struggled to keep up. Anyway, we got near the model homes which is about a block from my house and Jude LOST it. So I had to take him out and carry him all the way back to the house while Em pushed the wheelchair. We made it back, but I noticed my foot was starting to tingle. When I took my shoe off my sock was soaked in blood near the toes......I guess Jude is much heavier than I thought. We think Jude is near 45 pounds now.

So ladies have you ever had one of those nights where you look at your husband knowing that you love him, but the thought of smacking him sounds good to? After my walk I came home to cook dinner, clean up after dinner, change Jude, haul in the 30 pound dog food bag from the car, put it in it's bin, household chores, gave Jude his meds, etc etc etc. My husband and my child conveniently disappeared when I was doing all this work and left me with the baby to watch. God love them huh? Then when I finally sit down to burn some music and play on my lap top my husband appears from around the corner. I thought to myself "If this man is about to say he needs something I am going to hurt him".

Mike: Are you going to move your clothes?
Me: I just got tired and laid out my laundry on the bed. Can you move them over?
Mike: Well they need to be put somewhere or I am sleeping around them
Me: (is he kidding? I am thinking to myself......while hunting a sharp object with my eyes)
I sighed, got up.....stomped in the room........moved them to the bench and walked out.
Mike: Well I could have moved them
Me: Yes you could have
It wasn't even worth it.

ARGH, men. Gotta love them, but sometimes I swear.

So after that I was letting Bigsby outside to go potty before bed and Bigs goes bounding out the door. Suddenly I see what I thought was a black cat run next to Bigs. Bigs seemed a bit scared, but cruious. Then even more suddenly our cat Scooter flies to the rescue and pops the said cat in the nose while hissing at him. I see that signature black and white tail puff out to the size of TX.  "OMG" I yell.  I quietly insist........"Bigsby Bigsby come here".  Mike comes running and Em tries to bound out the door. I grab her "NO Emily it's a skunk!" She then acts like it's no big deal and Mom is the big nerd for getting so upset. I got Bigsby back in the house, Scooter the cat is the big hero, and the Skunk ran off without spraying anyone or anything, which is shocking.

Me: Emily why on Earth would you think that's not a big deal
Emily: Well I mean.. what happens?
Me: You would get sprayed
Emily: Well wouldn't you think that was funny?
Me: No it would be awful!!!!!!
Emily: Well it would be funny if you got sprayed

That's IT! The whole famdamily was fired!

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Gilda said...

((Hugs)) to you Jen!...what an evening sure does sound alot like mine some days. I think they think we are super women.